Looking for a simple and versatile note app? Here’s how to use Google Keep


Google Keep is a simple and versatile app from the Google ecosystem. As we move into modern times, our note taking has also become easier.

Note-taking apps have become our companion for setting reminders, thinking ideas, creating a to-do list for things we need to do, and making a checklist of things we need to remember.

Google Keep is a specialized note-taking tool that was first released by Google in 2013. It includes some useful tools that can be used to manage your notes. However, he is capable of much more than managing simple checklists or jotting down fleeting thoughts whenever they come to mind.

You can access it from any device where you use your Google account, whether it’s a computer, phone or tablet.

As its app is part of the Google ecosystem, that means it syncs with your Google Drive immediately. This lets you access it whether you’re using your phone, tablet, iPad, or computer anywhere.

In short, remember that Google Drive only provides 15GB of free storage data.

Google Keep features

According to Android Police, there are five different types of notes that can be written in Google Keep. When you open the app, five icons appear at the very bottom of the screen. They are, in order, from left to right:

  • The first is the list. This option will place a check mark in front of each item in your list.

  • Second, the drawing. You can use it if you want to write something handwritten or if you can make drawings.

  • The third is audio. This one is perfect for those who have a song idea or those who forget easily. The audio note will be ideal for those who want to record their voice.

  • Fourth is Photo. Adding an image to your note is one of the features of Google Keep.

  • Finally, users can simply create regular simple text notes of any ideas that float through their minds.

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How to Use Google Keep on Android and iPhone

According to Google, here’s how to download and use your Google Keep on computer, Android, iPhone, and iPad.

Step 1: Download the Google Keep app

  • On an Android tablet or phone, all you have to do is head to the Google Play Store app, go to the search bar, type Google Keep, then click Install.

  • If your device is an iPhone or iPad, all you need to do is go to the App Store, go to the search bar and search for the Google Keep app. Then click to install it whether you want it on your Apple Watch, iPhone or iPad.

Step 2: Create Notes

With this app you can create, organize and archive past notes or edit them.

  • You have the ability to generate, edit, organize and store notes.

  • You can create a note or make changes to it.

  • You can make a list.

  • You can also create a sketch in the note and save it.

  • You can also access and set reminders on your notes.

Other than that, your app notes can be labeled, colored or pinned.

  • Also, to access Google Keep on a computer, all you need to do is sign in to your Google account first and then go to keep.google.com. From here you can create new notes or access your previous notes.

  • Another tip: if you have an Apple Watch, it can let you view, create, pin, and check off tasks on your to-do lists. On the watch, you have the ability to see up to 20 different notes.

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