Macomb Co. teacher should be accused of writing threatening notes


Shores of Sainte-Claire – A middle school teacher is set to be brought to justice on Monday after being caught on video slipping notes under the office doors of several faculty members threatening violence at the school, the acting Macomb County prosecutor said .

Jefferson Middle School Staff discovered the notes around 7:30 am Friday and alerted St. Clair Shores Police, according to a police department press release. Following a review of the school’s surveillance video, the teacher was arrested, Macomb County District Attorney Peter Lucido said on Saturday.

Lucido said the woman was in Macomb County Jail while police continued to investigate the case. On Monday, Lucido said he expects police to submit a warrant for criminal charges, although he did not specify what charges could be laid.

“We will bring her to justice on Monday, although we are still working on the investigation,” Lucido said. “There is enough evidence to charge him with several crimes. We will have the exact charges by Monday. This is different from the other cases that we have seen with students making threats because it is about an adult.

“You have notes thrown under the doors of staff members’ desks, and it’s all video,” Lucido said. “The question becomes why? I had to adopt a zero tolerance policy towards students calling threats; now we have to worry about a teacher?

“This does not apply to all teachers; it’s only one teacher – but don’t we have enough problems in schools right now? “

In a statement on Friday, Lakeview Public Schools Superintendent Karl Paulson said: “One of the notes appeared to be an attempt to make a false threat in hopes of closing the school.”

The statement added: “Based on the facts, information and timing, the team was confident that everyone was safe and that there was no need to initiate a lockdown or other security protocols. . “

Lucido said there were still many unanswered questions in the case.

“The question now becomes why? What was the reason that this teacher was putting notes under the doors of staff members? It was more of a note,” Lucido said. “I guess you should get yourself a crystal ball to find out why she would do something like that.”

Jefferson College

Lucido added, “Of course, she’s innocent until her guilt is proven, and it will all come out in court. But that doesn’t help with everything that’s happened recently. If you have teachers. that threaten you, how sure are you think parents are going to think school is?

“There is so much I want to know,” said Lucido. “Did she act alone?” Was anyone else involved? And what was the reason? I mean, you’re an adult; you’re supposed to be there for our kids during a tough time, and you create more problems. “

Since the fatal shooting at Oxford High School on November 30 that left four students dead and wounded seven others, dozens of minors have been accused of uttering threats of violence at the school.

“We have seen this a lot with the students,” said Lucido. “But this is the first time I’ve seen him with a teacher.”

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