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Posted May 31, 2022

This report is published every day of the week, except on public holidays. The information contained in each report covers significant criminal incidents usually from the day before; reports published on Monday cover the preceding Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Some incidents may appear a day or two after the event. This report is not a complete listing of all police occurrences in Arlington County in the time period indicated. The addresses given indicate blocks and not specific addresses. For more information on crime in your area, visit our online crime mapping tool.

Note: The information in the Daily Crime Report is generally based on initial reports made to the police department. Follow-up surveys may reveal different or additional information. All persons arrested or charged with a crime are presumed innocent until proven guilty by a court and the charges can be changed during the legal process. For more information on the status of the case, visit the Virginia Court System website.


ATTACK ON POLICE, 2022-05300119 Block 200 of S. Glebe Rd. At around 4:30 p.m. on May 30, police were dispatched to report a robbery in progress. Upon arrival, officers made contact with the whistleblower who said the suspect stole flowers and destroyed a planter outside their business. Officers located the suspect in the area and attempted to detain her. The suspect resisted and punched one of the officers in the face before being taken into custody. Nejat Ahmed Hussen, 34, of Rockville, MD, has been charged with destruction of property and assault and battery against a law enforcement officer. She was held without bail.

FLIGHT, 2022-05270216, Columbia Pike to S. Greenbrier Street. At around 7:19 p.m. on May 27, police were dispatched to report a forcible robbery. Upon arrival, it was determined that at approximately 6:55 p.m., the unknown suspect pushed the victim to the ground and stole her purse. The suspect fled on foot and a survey of the area by officers returned negative results. The suspect stole the contents of the purse which included an undisclosed amount of cash and a set of keys. The victim was examined by the doctors on the spot. The suspect is described as a slender black man with dreadlocks in a ponytail wearing a black baseball cap, tan shirt and sunglasses. The investigation is ongoing.

ILLEGAL ENTRY, 2022-05290216, 200 block of N. Thomas St. At around 10:09 p.m. on May 29, police responded to a report of a burglary in progress. Upon arrival, it was determined that the informant attempted to enter the vacant residence and found the interior door security latch in place. When the whistleblower walked to the back of the residence, he found a screen window removed and the window open. Responders searched the residence and found no one inside. The investigation is ongoing.

GREAT LARCENY, 2022-05300044, 1100 block of S. Thomas St. Around 7 a.m. on May 30, police were dispatched to report the stolen mopeds late. Upon arrival, officers met the whistleblower who said three mopeds were stolen between 4:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. that same morning. The mopeds had been legally parked but not secured. The stolen mopeds are described as a 2019 Vespa with Virginia license plate 61022M, a 2021 Piaggio with Virginia license plate 61023M and a Honda with Virginia license plate 42448M. Officers scoured the area for the stolen mopeds with negative results. The investigation is ongoing.

INTRUSION2022-05270020 Crystal Drive Block 2200

ASSAULT AND BATTERY2022-05270034 Block 3200 Wilson Blvd

AUTO THEFT2022-05270035 S.Lang St. 28e Streets.

FLIGHT2022-05270060 Block 700 N. Glebe Road

FLIGHT2022-05270109 Block 1100 S. Hayes St.

AUTO THEFT2022-05270112, 900 block of 22n/a Streets.

FLIGHT2022-05270113 Block 1100 S. Hayes St.

FLIGHT2022-05270193 Block 3400 Potomac Ave

FRAUD2022-05270209, 1400 block of N. Courthouse Road

FLIGHT2022-05270234 Block 1200 S. Hayes St.

STOLEN SELF RECOVERED2022-05280035 N. Thomas St to Cathedral Lane

ASSAULT AND BATTERY2022-05280099, 28e S. Street to S. Lang Street

DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY2022-05280102 900 Block N. Garfield St.

FLIGHT2022-05280121 Block 1400 N. Courthouse Road

FLIGHT2022-05280124 1300 Block N. Stafford Street

FLIGHT2022-05280134 Block 1200 S. Hayes St.

FLIGHT2022-05280152, 300 block of 23rd Streets.

ASSAULT AND BATTERY2022-05280176, 2000 block of 5e Streets.

DISORDERED CONDUCT2022-05290020 Block 3100 Wilson Blvd

DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY2022-05290165, 2400 block of 27e Courts.

FLIGHT2022-05290180 Block 1200 S. Hayes St.

STOLEN SELF RECOVERED2022-05300030, 1800 block of 26e Streets.

INTRUSION2022-05300037 Block 900 S. Orme Street

DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY2022-05300059 Block 900 S. Wakefield St.

LIFTING AT THE FACILITY2022-05300062 Block 700 N. Glebe Road

FLIGHT2022-05300066 Block 1200 S. Hayes St.

FLIGHT2022-05300077 Block 3300 Langston Blvd

FLIGHT2022-05300098 Block 1100 S. Hayes St.

EXTORTION2022-05300122, 1900 block Clarendon Boulevard

FLIGHT2022-05300145 Block 3900 Wilson Blvd

ASSAULT AND BATTERY2022-05300185 Block 2300 S. Eads Street


05/27/22, VA UAE9283, 2000 Nissan Altima, Silver
800 Block of S. Greenbrier Street


SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES2022-05274001 900 Block N. Stafford Street

FLIGHT2022-05274002 Block 1200 S. Hayes St.

AUTO THEFT2022-05274003, 900 block of 22n/a Streets.

SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES2022-05274004 Block 1200 S. Eads Street

IDENTITY THEFT2022-05274005, 5000 block of 11e N Street.

FRAUD2022-05274006 Block 400 of Army Navy Drive

FLIGHT2022-05274007 1400 Block N. Taft St.

FLIGHT2022-05274008 1700 Block N. Moore St.

FLIGHT2022-05274009, 1500 block Clarendon Boulevard

DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY2022-05274010 1500 block Richmond Hwy

DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY2022-05284001 800 Block S. Florida St.

FRAUD2022-05284002 Block 1200 S. Glebe Road

AUTO THEFT2022-05284003, 900 block of 16e Streets.

SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES2022-05284004 1200 Block S. Eads Street

DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY2022-05284005, 2900 block of Key Blvd.

VEHICLE HANDLING2022-05284006 2500 Block N. Buchanan St.

FLIGHT2022-05284007 Crystal Drive Block 2600

FLIGHT2022-05284008 Columbia Pike Block 2900

FLIGHT2022-05284009, 3800 block of 9e N Street.

FLIGHT2022-05284010 2200 Block S. Clark St.

FLIGHT2022-05284011 Block 2200 of N. Pershing Drive

AUTO THEFT2022-05284012 Block 3200 Wilson Blvd

SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES2022-05294002 5000 Block Langston Blvd

FLIGHT2022-05294003 Block 1500 Wilson Blvd

FLIGHT2022-05294004 Block 1500 Wilson Blvd

FRAUD2022-05294006, 2800 block of 9e Streets.

FLIGHT2022-05294007 Block 900 S. Orme Street

VEHICLE HANDLING2022-05294008 Block 2800 S. Abingdon St.

FLIGHT2022-05304002 Block 1100 S. Joyce St.

FLIGHT2022-05304003 900 Block N. Pollard Street

FLIGHT2022-05304004 Block 3100 Wilson Blvd

FLIGHT2022-05304005 1100 Block N. Taylor St.

FLIGHT2022-05304006, 5100 block of 7e Roads.

FLIGHT2022-05304008, 2500 block of Langston Blvd.

FLIGHT2022-05304010 Block 900 of Army Navy Drive

FLIGHT2022-05304011 Block 2900 S. Glebe Road

FLIGHT2022-05304012, 1800 block of N. Moore St.

FLIGHT2022-05314004 Block 4300 N. Carlin Springs Road

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