Meeting on gender-sensitive writing held


In an effort to promote equal and gender-sensitive portrayal in the media, UNICEF recently held a workshop on gender-sensitive reporting and writing for journalists here.

Odisha Radhika Srivastava, Communications and Advocacy Specialist, UNICEF, delivered the welcome address and set the scene. Head of Field Office, UNICEF Odisha Dr Monika Nielsen spoke about UNICEF’s commitment to gender equality. Gender Specialist, UNICEF, Delhi, Madhuri Das delivered keynotes on how to become more gender sensitive.

A media checklist was presented at the workshop, giving advice to journalists on how they can make their stories more gender-sensitive, challenge social norms and ensure women’s voices are heard. equally. The checklist also included gender-sensitive methods for reporting on crimes against women and emphasized publishing follow-up articles to be written on the issue even if the focus is on the survivor of the crime. .

Participants discussed the various challenges and barriers they face in their workspace and in the external environment related to gender-sensitive reporting, especially since most women do not reach decision-making positions within media organizations.

Speaking on the role of media on gender, Srivastava said it is important to explore an issue from a woman’s perspective and report on the impact it has on women. This is especially important during the disasters that Odisha so often faces, she said. Das explained the different stages of gender equality.

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