Michigan woman behind fake website believed ex-husband would be killed


Last year, Wendy Wein wanted her ex-husband dead, so she took to Rentahitman.com to file a “service request.”

The website says it has been providing solutions to problems since 1920. It offers “free consultations” and makes a point of showing how the site respects user privacy, even with a note on HIPPA – the Hitman Information Privacy & Protection Act of 1964.

There are also customer testimonials about the effectiveness of the service, such as that from Laura S. in Arizona: “I caught my husband cheating with the babysitter and our relationship ended after a consultation with the babysitter. free public relations. I’m single again and looking to mingle. “

Just fill out an online form with information about yourself and your target market and you are one step closer to eliminating your problem permanently, right? Wrong.

If that’s not obvious enough, Rent-A-Hitman is a bogus site, but that doesn’t stop people like Wein from entering their information and offering to pay to have someone killed.

Bob Innes of California started the website as a class project in 2005. He didn’t do anything with the site until he revisited it several years later and found that people were looking for killers. hired.

So he started responding to inquiries asking people if they still needed the services and if they wanted to meet with a field worker. The website claims that Rent-A-Hitman has over 17,985 field agents in the United States who “can find a solution that’s right for you!”

If someone says yes, they pass their information on to law enforcement to deal with the situation.

Wein, from South Rockford, Michigan, thought she was communicating with Guido Fanelli when she reached out to have her ex murdered in July 2020. Really, she was talking to Innes, who called Michigan State Police. .

MSP sent an undercover detective to meet Wein, who said she would pay $ 5,000 to have her ex-husband killed. She provided her home address, business address and phone number. Later that day, she encountered the same undercover detective and made a $ 200 down payment for the crime.

She was arrested and charged with soliciting murder and using a computer to commit a crime. Wein pleaded guilty to both counts last week as part of a plea deal. She could spend up to 108 months in prison when sentenced early next year.

In 2020, Innes said his website had prevented more than 140 murders and noted that he was still receiving inquiries. He asked people to research everything from murders to school shootings to kidnapping a baby.

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