‘mom, now you’ll never be late for work’


Jaipur: A 15-year-old boy committed suicide by hanging himself from the ceiling fan in his house on the day his mother celebrated her 40th birthday.

According to preliminary information, the mother, a teacher, was leaving for work when the boy demanded that she buy him a new school dress. The mother told him that she was late and that she would buy it for him after he returned from work. The boy apparently got agitated because of this and ended his life. In the suicide note he wrote “Now you will never be late for school thanks to me”. He also wished her a happy birthday and hinted that ending her life was the greatest gift in the world for her.

The incident happened in Behror area of ​​Alwar district on Friday. The 40-year-old woman, Kanchan, was celebrating her 40th birthday. Rohit, the boy who committed suicide, was his only son. She was getting late for school where she was working as a lecturer. When she told her son she would take him shopping after he got home, he got restless.

Ab aap kabhi bhi school ke liye tard nahi hogi…duniya ka sabse achchha birthday present. Happy birthday, momhe scribbled these lines on a piece of paper and then hung himself.

Kanchan had already lost her husband a few years ago. She had obtained a compensatory appointment in place of her husband. When she came home from work, she found her only son hanging and nearly passed out. She was inconsolable.

First published: July 16, 2022

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