Nick Leng was wrapped up in love while writing ‘Spirals,’ second album



Some songs are finished in a day. Some take much longer. For Nick Leng, “Spirals” was the latter.

Written during the pandemic when the South African-born, Los Angeles-based artist found himself falling in love, “Spirals,” the title track from his upcoming second album, revolves around being captivated by another. I fall in love again, with / I fall quickly repeats Long through the lush piano track. In its intoxicating beats, “Spirals” follows the heartbeat of someone falling madly and deeply for someone and crescendos around the pushes and pulls of love at the end.

“It goes up and down,” Leng said. “It was such a necessary color. But there’s also humor at the end with all the off notes and the jazz. It’s my personality.

Leng adds, “So much experimentation went into creating this one – countless nights of staying up at night to figure out all the parts. “That’s my baby,” I often tell my friends when I show them this one. It’s very special to me because it contains a lot of my personality, as well as a story where I found love again.

After debuting in 2020 LEMONScentered on the end of a relationship and the death of a dear friend, Leng finds himself on the other side with Spirals.

Surrounded by nature, living in a trailer park in Topanga County, California during the pandemic, Leng began to tap into aspects of the human condition and new beginnings on the Spirals track “My Mind Is a Mess in the Morning”. He tackled the light and dark of lonely days on “Morning/Midnight” and found his soul mate in the middle of writing.

“There’s a lot of romance on the record,” Leng says. “I had these peak moments of love, joy and life, but also, like that trailer park in Topanga, I finally became infested with rats.”

Spirals Track list

01. Forget Me
02. Two birds
03. Platform
04. My mind is a mess in the morning
05. Bobby
06. Morning / Midnight
07. Spirals
08. Coffee & Fruit
09. Easy
10. Stop
11. Glisten by the Wind (Interlude)
12. Candles
13. Ruth
14. Goodbye My Friends

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