One of the best games in Apple Arcade, a great notes app and the best Twitter client [Awesome Apps of the Week]



Whether you’re a gamer, social media junkie, productivity geek, or just love to add personality to your device, this week Awesome apps of the week offer something for just about everyone.

For those of you who don’t feel like describing yourself, some apps this week may still tick a box or two for you.


Discolored is gorgeous, moody, and deliciously fun to play.
Photo: Apple Arcade

I have always been a fan of puzzle games. And if I can find one that appeals to me that looks great and gives a really unique twist to the puzzle game, I’m all about it. Discolored is just that for iOS.

This Apple Arcade title was the first game I played straight away since I was a kid. Disguised as an adventure game, Discolored puts you in a roadside restaurant in black and white trying to bring some color back to the world. ??

With truly delicious graphics, intuitive controls, incredibly whimsical music, and a gripping storyline, Discolored is arguably one of the best games in Apple Arcade.

Price: Free (requires Apple Arcade subscription)

Download from: App Store

Notes for Mac

Notes on macOS
Sidenotes gives you quick access to virtual “sticky notes” for anything you can think of.
Photo: Notes

I take a lot of notes during the day. And being able to quickly access my notepad can be very important to my workflow. Sidenotes for macOS is a perfect solution for giving your digital sticky notes right to your desktop.

Designed as a quick-access notepad, Sidenotes hides right next to the edge of your screen until you’re ready. Then, using a swiping gesture along the edge of your screen, Sidenotes pops up, floating above any other open app, to quickly remove a phone number, add a task, or save a bit of. information. And when you’re done, just click on it and the side notes will hide until you need them next.

With support for markdown, multiple themes, import and export of notes, images and screenshots, links to files and folders, and iCloud sync, Sidenotes is a fantastic, accessible, and convenient way to replace that pile of post-it notes around your monitor.

Price: $ 19.99 (also available with on SetApp)

Download from: App Store


McClockface Widgets
McClockface widgets come in a variety of styles to add big, beautiful clocks to your home screen.
Screenshot: Ian Fuchs / Cult of Mac

When Apple introduced widgets in iOS 14, I was skeptical of how much value they would really add to my experience. And running out of deep links to running apps or workflows, the best widgets offer snack-size information at a glance. McClockface is a prime example.

McClockface is, as the name suggests, a clock app. It offers a number of fun and customizable clock widgets for your iPhone or iPad. From a retro-style rocker clock (which could have been modeled after my grandfather’s old bedside alarm clock) to a ‘Back to the Future’ inspired time and date panel, McClockface adds fun to your home screens.

With a seemingly endless number of customizations and themes, McClockface can adapt perfectly to any iOS device. And with a complete overhaul of iPad widgets in iOS 15, now is a great time to check out our McClockface.

Price: $ 1.99

Download from: App Store


Tweetbot widgets
Watch out for Twitter addicts: Tweetbot’s new widgets bring your timeline to your home screen!
Photo: @Tapbots

I’ve shared my love of Tweetbot in the past, but with the new Tweetbot 6.2 update the app just got even better. We’re talking about widgets, shortcuts, forwarding, and a few iPad-specific tweaks.

The new Tweetbot widgets come in three sizes – 2 × 2, 2 × 4, or 4 × 4 – and display 1, 2, or 5 tweets. As someone who is probably unhealthily obsessed with Twitter, this is exactly the sort of thing that speaks to me.

On top of that, shortcut support lets you access various Tweetbot features through Siri, or include Tweetbot actions in shortcuts. Handoff adds a level of convenience to switch between devices. This means that in addition to syncing the existing Tweetbot timeline, you can go directly to a link to a tweet or discussion thread that you are viewing on another device. On the iPad, Tweetbot also supports multiple windows.

Whichever way you prefer to use Twitter, these new additions are awesome to see! I’ve been an avid Tweetbot user for years, and these new features make it even better.

Price: Free (with integrated subscription)

Download from: App Store

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