OnePlus Nord 3 launch looms after spotted on official website


It looks like the OnePlus Nord 3 release could be imminent, after the new mid-range smartphone was spotted on the official OnePlus India website.

The upcoming device has been spied on by Indian tech influencer and mobile leaker Mukul Sharma (H/T Android Authority), the listing aligning nicely with previous rumors that the Nord 3 was being tested in the country under the Meili name.

The handset will look to quickly establish itself as one of the best cheap phones of the year when it launches in the coming months.

In our eyes, a June release date for the OnePlus Nord 3 might make the most sense, as it would allow it to immediately compete with another top-tier affordable handset, the Google Pixel 6a, without risking being eclipsed by its launch in success at I/O 2022 this month.

However, we should note that this is all just an educated guess and it might not happen until July or even later this summer. There’s nothing else new revealed on the OnePlus Nord 3 specs from the Indian watch, although previous rumors suggest it will feature an upgraded MediaTek Dimensity 8000 processor, while retaining the same 90Hz display and the same 4500 mAh battery as the Nord 2.

Other OnePlus Nord 3 rumors have indicated that it will get fast charging at 80W or even 150W (from 67W), but temper your expectations here and keep in mind that the recent flagship, the OnePlus 10 Pro, only had the old 80W capacities.

The listing and alleged testing of the OnePlus Nord 3 in India closely follows the launch of a new, currently market-specific device, the OnePlus 10R, and other regional versions like the OnePlus Ace.

The most recent new Nord-branded device was the affordable Nord CE 2 (top photo), launched earlier this year.

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