Overwatch 2 Beta Website Reveals New Playable Heroes and Maps


This morning’s Overwatch 2 Developer Update announced the April beta, where players who sign up can try out the new damage hero, new maps, and more.

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Fans are waiting for news from the competitive hero shooter Monitor 2 finally received updates about an upcoming beta in April, which promises new maps and access to the new damage hero, Sojourn. It’s been almost two years since the original Monitoring the game received substantial content with the addition of the 32nd hero, Echo. Development for Monitor 2 has had several issues since it was first announced at Blizzcon in 2019.


The first game in the series consisted mostly of 6v6 battles against other players. Some seasonal events offered different game modes and a few PVE missions that were only playable at certain times of the year. The upcoming game promises to deliver more story with missions that should have a team of heroes battling hordes of enemies using customizable abilities and new heroes. News is incredibly scarce since Overwatch 2 announcement, but today’s developer update gave fans plenty to look forward to when the beta arrives in April.

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After months of rumours, Overwatch 2 The beta has finally been announced, and in April players who can sign up will be able to try out new maps, the new game mode Push, and the new damage hero Sojourn. MonitoringThe 33rd playable hero of was described as a new sniper. However, players have yet to see his abilities or playstyle in action. Although the game’s website struggled to stay active after its announcement, players can now sign up for the beta and learn more on the PlayOverwatch website. The beta also promises to introduce more than just the 33rd hero.

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It was recently announced that the year 2022 planned Monitoring The league season will be played on a first version of Monitor 2. Professional players and Blizzard employees can now test the Monitor 2 Beta early. Still, today’s update revealed more of what the beta has in store for fans in April. Previous gameplay videos showed off the new PUSH game mode, which players will be able to try out in the beta. Four new maps will also be playable, including two created specifically for the new game mode. The beta is also looking to introduce hero reworks for Orisa, Doomfist, Bastion, and Sombra. A large number of Overwatch heroes will see significant adjustments to their abilities and playstyles for the new PVP battles.

After years of little or no new OW2 information, today’s announcement is a definite change of pace. News from Overwatch 2 the full game being delayed until 2023 was disappointing for gamers who had already waited years after the title was initially announced. The new update didn’t help flesh out the release schedule for the full game with all of its promised features, including PVE story missions, customizable abilities, and tight gameplay that fans have come to expect from the franchise. However, the long string of no Monitor 2 The news is over and fans can hopefully expect more updates before the game’s beta launches next month.

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