Pikmin Bloom train ticket decor should be a model for the future


Niantic’s mobile AR game Pikmin Flower had a relatively slow start after its October 2021 launch, not offering much additional content despite hitting over two million downloads in November. It doesn’t take much for a game that ostensibly acts like a fancy pedometer, but the developer has recently moved to a more regular release schedule. Each month, rare flower nectar turns into new flora, and Niantic has added features like weekly challenges alongside a handful of new scenery types.


Decor is the collection leader in Pikmin Flower, with each Pikmin being able to adorn an outfit depending on where it was discovered. A number of permanent categories (and additions to older ones) have been released recently, including the “Snack” candy decor for mini markets and the “Sushi Restaurant” decor in April, as well as the “Tiny Book for libraries and bookstores this month. . The last announcement on May 30 was a “Ticket” decor for stations, which includes a level of specificity that should be seen more often in the future.

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How decor works in Pikmin Bloom

As mentioned earlier, collecting unique decor is the driving force behind Pikmin Flower. Players can wander beaches, art galleries, and more to find seedlings with the correct designation, then Pikmin can be picked after a certain number of steps. Huge seedlings (which take 10,000 steps to mature) will produce Pikmin that have their decor immediately, but all other units must build four friendship hearts by walking, feeding on nectar, and going on expeditions to gather objects or destroy mushrooms.

All the other systems fuel the search for new types of decor for his collection. Notably, giving nectar to Pikmin provides the player with flower petals, which can be planted on walks to grow the corresponding plant through Pikmin Flowerthe AR card; essentially the same layout seen in other Niantic games such as Pokemon GO. The more flowers planted during a walk, the more in-game currency (coins) a player accumulates, and its main purpose is to power an object detector to search for seedlings in specific settings.

There are seven varieties of Pikmin in the mobile game, corresponding to the main seven in Nintendo’s franchise: red, blue, yellow, purple, white, rock, and flying. Most of the new decor types include an alternate look for each, which is the case for BloomThe latest Ticket setting, although a few like Sushi Restaurant are exclusive to a smaller set of Pikmin. Events and holidays, including the Lunar New Year, have even introduced limited-time decor in Pikmin Flower.

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Why Pikmin Bloom’s New Station Decor Stands Out

What sets Pikmin Scenery Ticket apart from the pack is that each individual bearing this designation will be unique. While a number of scenery types in the game are fun and creative, from “Pharmacy” Pikmin wearing toothpaste as hair to “Movie Theater” Pikmin wearing popcorn hats, each color has a static design. Taking the time to mature and form friendships with two different yellow Pikmin who each come from a “coffee shop” will always result in the same speckled red cup of coffee.

Ticket Pikmin, on the other hand, will have a literal train ticket to carry that features the name of the station and the date they were discovered. For example, a promotional red Pikmin revealed on Twitter shows a ticket to Grand Central Station in New York starting May 31, 2022. The only other set type with a similar variation in Pikmin Flower is “Roadside” stickers given to anything not found on another designated site. These stickers are smaller and feature the first letter of the location they were found (the limited-time Winter 2021 Pikmin also have unique designs).

This kind of idea could be more widely applicable, which makes Pikmin types so rare are special even between “copies” – much like natures in Pokemon. It could be argued that unique units with timestamps and locations are a potential security hazard because they show a person’s concrete walking routes or daily activities, but to be fair, location tracking is a declared characteristic of the games model as a pedometer from Niantic. The studio has also implemented some features to mitigate these issues, including adjustable “privacy zones” in an effort to not show paths where flowers are planted. Ultimately, more specified scenery types would simply offer players a reason to visit different locations rather than linger in their usual haunts.

Pikmin Flower is available now on Android and iOS devices.

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