Playboi Carti’s narcissistic merch on Opium website leaves fans disappointed


waiting around Playboi Carti’s New Album Rise After Dropping Official Narcissistic merchandise on his Opium label’s website on Thursday, October 20.

The rapper even wrapped up a tour last year in support of the album, but its release remains uncertain at this time.

Fans will have to continue to be patient until further announcements are made about his upcoming music, but they certainly have a lot to say about Narsccist’s official merchandising.

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Narcissistic merch is available on the Opium website

The rapper teased a countdown on Opium’s website before dropping his merchandise.

Earlier today, he shared a link to the website on his Instagram bio, hinting to fans that he has something in store for them.

The new collection includes:

  • Narcissistic cropped bomber – $395
  • Mugshot 1 Hoodie – $195
  • Mugshot 2 Hoodie – $185
  • Mugshot 3 hoodie – $195
  • Narcissistic tank top – $60
  • Narcissist Hat 1 – $80
  • Narcissistic Hat 2 – $80

The entire collection comes with screen printed logos and images. The website notes that the order will typically take eight to 10 weeks to ship.

You can view them here.

Fans react to Playboi Carti’s new collection

Playboi’s latest product has received mixed reactions as some of its fans love it while others just can’t stand it.

Meanwhile, a few are of the opinion that merchandising is too Dear.

a tweet Lily: “This crazy narcissistic merch”

“Dude the narcissist seavsit looks so bad but I’m a Carti rider so I’m going to stock up,” Lily another one.

And a third fan said: “I see someone with narcissistic merch, I rip your back off.”

“I’m not even going to try to buy narcissistic products, because why should I traumatize myself like that?,” wrote another in a tweet.

The album is not out yet

Playboi has remained mum on the release of their next album, although the fallout of their product Narcissist has given fans hope.

However, it is also said that Narcissist can only be limited to his new clothing line as he didn’t drop any hints of it being incorporated into his upcoming music.

It seems only time will tell if the rapper has more planned for Narcissist outside of merchandising.

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