Poison Ivy writes her last words to Harley Quinn



The following article contains spoilers from poison ivy #1, on sale now.

Poison Ivy has begun a new journey, which, if successful, will wipe humanity off the face of the Earth. However, poison ivy #1 (by G. Willow Wilson, Marcio Takara, Arif Prianto, Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou) also reveals that it’s not just about Ivy doing what she believes is necessary to save the world, but also about s explain to Harley Quinn. Her mission isn’t just a recent plan, but it’s destined to be the last thing she does. Poison Ivy is dying and along her journey she writes one last letter to Harley.

That’s because, much to Ivy’s chagrin, the last words the two shared before she left were angry. She was hurt by the perceived loss Harley caused by bringing her two halves together, and in the process left her girlfriend heartbroken. Ivy has enough conscience to admit that she was wrong to leave things as they are, but her mission is too important to stop and she has no time to do so. This letter she tells is her way of apologizing to Harley when she inevitably dies.

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His plan is to poison the world with his specialized variant of cordyceps. To that end, she’s on a trip to Seattle to try and get it out there globally through freighters. His note clarifies that this is not a long-winded, nasty monologue about his plans, but rather a confession, which will only be read after he succeeds. Her plans aside, the main purpose of the note was to help Harley understand why she was doing this. She understands that when Harley brought the two Ivys together, she restored her lover’s true self, but there was also a personal cost to Ivy. The power she had gained as Queen Ivy, the part of her that had rejected her humanity, was now lost to her. The ability to shape the world according to one’s wishes seems like a poor job for one’s humanity.

Harley, of course, didn’t see it that way. The two eventually diverged on how to cultivate Ivy’s humanity. Ivy just didn’t care too much about being human, but for Harley, Ivy’s humanity is what she fell in love with. Ivy’s humanity has shown compassion for the world around her, the source of her passion for protecting Earth’s plant life. Without it, Ivy was little better than a plant herself, acting out of self-preservation rather than genuine concern.

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Ivy didn’t recognize him until after she left Harley, but by the time her anger subsided, it was too late. To go to Harley now would be to once again throw away what she valued for love. While Ivy can understand that Harley did what she did to keep her safe, she still can’t understand how precious her own humanity is.

He’s still there and that’s what motivated Ivy to write her letter. Not only to say goodbye to Harley, but also to let her know that no matter how angry Ivy gets, she will never stop loving Harley. It’s both romantic and tragic, but also hopeful in its own way. If Ivy is able to leave a last word for someone she loves, then maybe she can find enough compassion to abort her mission and find Harley Quinn.

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