Prince Charles joins NewsThump editorial team with provocative Dadaist joke about Jimmy Saville doing PR for the Royals



Wednesday April 6th, 2022 by Arabin Patson

The (barely) functional and alcoholic Warhammer nerds who write for the satirical website NewsThump have been joined by HRH Prince Charles after his hilarious first article imagining the Royal Family asking a notorious pedophile to help them be more popular.

Editor-in-chief Simon Williams confirmed that the future king was now seen as a cutting-edge comedian and that his inclusion in the elite creative team behind NewsThump was based on merit, not fame.

He explained: “I know it sounds like a stunt to generate buzz, but Prince Charles has really captured our house style of ridiculing the powerful of this world using fake quirky items with an ‘oof’ factor that can be quite shocking and, yes, generate controversy.

“He understands that satire should be something between a tickle and a punch in the gut.

“And he continued his first story about a family that is supposed to be the epitome of quiet continuity and a pyramid class system having a clairvoyant nuncio do their communications. It was particularly cheeky when you consider that his own brother might have to watch Charles’ coronation from the protective guard wing of an American prison.

“We look forward to more of his contributions. He has previously floated thoughts about the royals being so out of touch that they are kicking out the war veteran grandson and his glamorous actress wife while protecting the uncle who everyone thinks is a sex offender.

“On a purely personal note, he fit in surprisingly well with the team. He brought everyone those expensive Duchy cookies and he was really good at pretending to care about Nurgle the Space Marine or whatever. which they laugh at.

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