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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry recently updated their nonprofit Archewell’s homepage and experts are noting how the change offers an indirect commentary on their current lives outside the UK royal family.

By accessing the homepage of the Archewell website, fans can now spot a photo of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle taken by their own photographer friend Misan Harriman.

Along with the new snapshot, the page now also features a quote signed by the couple that reads, “Each of us can change our communities. We all can change the world.”

Royal expert Angela Levin spoke to The Sun (opens in a new tab) about the recent change online suggesting that the couple, who are also preparing for the publication of Prince Harry’s memoir, are in fact indirectly stating that they have all been fine without the Royal Family since moving to California a few years ago .


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“What’s really interesting is that you can always read the underlying content of what they really mean, and the bottom line right from the start is ‘each of us can change our communities’ “, Angela explained to the outlet. “I think that says a lot that they can do without the royals, they don’t need them, they’re fine where they are, they’re building another community. And then, ‘we can all change the world’ , they go back to wanting to be global and saying to the royal family “we can do without you”, but in reality they can’t. If they could, they would have done it before and would have given up their titles and would be totally independent but they are hanging on.”

Ahead of this latest update, the webpage went dark to mourn the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. The online destination only featured a message that read: “In Loving Memory of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, 1926 – 2022.”

On September 28, the page returned to its original settings – with no further mention of the queen.


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Of course, the couple’s every move has come under scrutiny since they first met and ultimately opted out of royal life to pursue a more private existence in sunny Los Angeles.

Given the intensity of the ‘division’ between the Dutch and the Duchess of Sussex and the rest of the Royal Family in the UK, it’s no surprise that even a website update reads like a commentary on the relationship between all parties involved.

Meghan herself touched on parts of the saga in a relatively recent interview with The Cut (opens in a new tab)in which she noted her strained relationship with her own father Thomas.

“It’s not necessarily the same thing for them as it is for me, but it’s [Harry’s] decision,” the Duchess told the outlet.

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