Purchase model: new laptop for law school and daily use, rare games




My budget for the new computer is: $ 750 (more can be added if needed) for the laptop, $ 250 for the extended warranty. These are limits set by my scholarship allocation parameters.

What are the main uses of this computer (IE: mail, web browsing, programming, games, etc.)? Law school, mail, web search, some low resource games (like escape or adventure), 3D printing / CAD / AutoCad.

What software do you plan to use on the computer? Office, Adobe, AutoCad, LiveScribe audio and note taking software, personal finance, 3D printer, Natural Reader.

Do you play games? If so, what type of games? Rarely, but when I do, immersive adventure and escape games. Adventure games sometimes require extraordinary graphics cards.

Do you tend to have a lot of programs running at the same time, or do you close each program when you are done using it? Many programs and windows open for legal research and research in general.

Do you store a lot of pictures or music on the computer? What would you call “a lot? Most are from my phone. I have a few videos every now and then. Looks like I currently have about a gig of photos on my laptop.

Are you going to overclock? No

Location for shopping / shipping / pricing online? Vermilion, SD 57069

How many monitors do you plan to use? I use two currently – an Acer CB272 27 “standalone monitor and my Acer Aspire R laptop. However, after purchasing another laptop, I can try to fit this old Acer as a third monitor if I can. to do.

Do you need peripherals? OS? No. Windows.

Any particular reason why you are upgrading? My current laptop, Acer Aspire R5-571TG is four years old and needs to be reflashed. After the restore I will use it as a backup, but it’s definitely time to upgrade.

Additional: I bought this in 2017. The features I requested and wanted the most were:

  • Fully backlit keyboard with 10 keys
  • Touchscreen
  • Convertible to tablet
  • Fingerprint login capability
  • RAM and high processing speeds
  • Minimum 17 ‘screen

I love Acer products, but would love to look at more. Thank you!

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