Race for Congress heats up with new attack website


The race to represent the Washington 3rd The congressional district is heating up.

Although it sounds cliché, it’s not far from the (figurative) truth.

“JoeKentLies”, a website created to discredit congressional candidate Joe Kent, went live on Tuesday and depicted a hellish landscape. A forest full of evergreens was engulfed in flames, which inevitably spread to an American flag. Meanwhile, a pictured and vitriolic Kent – both hands passionately flipping the bird – watched the disaster unfold.

“No matter what he may say, one thing is for sure…Joe Kent is lying,” exclaimed the main banner.

The single page features several drop-down options where users can learn more about Kent’s opinions, some of which are juxtaposed with news reports or academic journal articles. Topics covered range from the candidate’s position on health care, the district’s timber and fishing industries, law enforcement and energy independence. All come with arguments disputing Kent’s claims.

It’s clear the site was designed to dissuade Southwestern Washingtonians from voting for Kent, with the author (or authors) claiming the candidate is too extreme, ill-informed and undemocratic to represent the district.

“No matter how much Joe Kent lies, there is one big truth: Joe Kent does not represent the majority of Washingtonians and is the wrong choice for Congress,” it read.

JoeKentLies is not the only website criticizing Kent to appear during his campaign, but it is a departure from its conspiratorial predecessor.

The mysterious JoeKentIsCIA site made its confusing debut in June with claims that the candidate is a Deep State member, baggage handler and lifelong socialist. After exchanging emails with one of JoeKentIsCIA’s creators, Glow Kent, and investigating his origins (a little too long), I hit a dead end.

Unfortunately, I also hit a wall while digging into JoeKentLies.

The website was created by the Clark County Panel to Protect Democracy, according to a note at the bottom of the page. Other than that, there isn’t a promising lead to learn more about the band’s debut and, subsequently, JoeKentLie.info’s.

If you or anyone you know has any information on who is behind all of this, please don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected] Another hunt for 3rd District Race Rabbit Burrow may be in order.

Lauren Ellenbecker

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