reMarkable 2 Review: The Writing Tablet Every Producer Needs in Their Studio


The reMarkable 2 is the best tablet for writing, offering a natural feel much closer to using a pencil or pen on paper, which is perfect for taking notes when producing music.

I find it much more fun and natural to write about the reMarkable 2, so I’ve used it for a variety of professional and personal purposes. For example, I use it to take notes during product reviews and studio mixing sessions, and have found that I can stay more focused when writing on the reMarkable 2 than when using an app. .

The reMarkable 2 is a gadget that offers the feel of writing on standard paper but keeps your notes in the cloud and even converts your handwriting into editable text. This is a game-changer for music producers, who already struggle with the constant distractions of the digital world while working on their computer. The easiest way to explain the reMarkable 2 is to say it’s a “Kindle you can write on”. But that would be an understatement as there is a lot more to this exciting device than meets the eye.

So let’s dive into the heart of the matter or into the head here to buy one for the music producer in your life today.

remarkable design 2

The ReMarkable tablet is the thinnest in the world, measuring 187x246x4.7mm and weighing 403.5g. It has a 10.3-inch E Ink Carta monochrome screen that has been modified for handwriting input, making it a “CANVAS” screen. This alone is a powerful tool that helps combat distractions in the studio.

The star of the show is that screen, which doesn’t have any unique colors or silky-smooth movements, but it’s all about the reading and writing experience. The resolution is 1872 x 1404, and it’s crisp thanks to a 226 DPI pixel density. It is pleasing to the eye due to its anti-reflective properties and is slightly textured. The included marker gives satisfying friction when writing on the screen.

The ReMarkable 2 has a more refined look than its predecessor, with a bronze aluminum frame and an off-white border around the display. The back panel has four small rubber feet to prevent the tablet from sliding and a small power button on the top left edge. The lower left corner has a USB-C charging port.

Using the reMarkable 2

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Remember when gadgets were just gadgets? They were fun devices that didn’t have to worry about ecosystems, notifications, and wireless payment transactions. They were just simple and nice.

This is what the ReMarkable 2 looks like!!

It has an almost singular objective: to make writing on a digital device pleasant. And it does a great job, even if it means sacrificing the multitasking capabilities we’re used to with our mobile devices.

The ReMarkable 2’s CANVAS screen provides a realistic writing experience that feels like writing on paper. The pressure-sensitive surface, 50-degree tilt for shading, and friction provide a natural feel that makes it one of the best digital writing experiences available.

The strokes you make are transferred to the screen with great precision and almost no lag. The Marker Plus’ eraser also works better than a real eraser in some ways, as it pauses for a moment when you lift it, so you know exactly what’s being erased.

Why Music Producers Need the reMarkable 2

Music producers are a lot more hip these days than is good for them. With so many distractions pulling you away from Ableton or whatever DAW you’re using, you’re stacking the card against yourself. You also keep your notes, reminders, and checklists on the most tempting thing to distract you (i.e. your phone or laptop).

Because sometimes all it takes is for you to cross one of these to-do items off your studio checklist for you to want to check how your latest post is doing on Instagram!

But this table removes all those risks and allows your brain to continue wandering in its flow state no matter what you’re writing or doing in your studio. It’s the best note-taking device you can add to your studio and can easily be one of the best investments you make in your note-taking and office work that accompanies music production. Because when you want to stay in the creative space while working on your tracks, this is the best fit for you.

Unplug and start writing; it’s good.

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