Rental Property Inventory Template for Landlords


Prepare your owner’s inventory template

Your inventory will be a complete listing of the contents of the property, and should also note the condition of the property itself. You’ll want to include all “fixed” features, from walls and ceilings to closets and doors.

Once these are listed, take the time to check the condition of your paint, wallpaper or carpet, and any fixtures or fittings.

It’s easy to take something like flooring for granted, but if it comes with your property, it should be included.

Once these less obvious items are checked off, you can add items such as furniture, garden features, garages and sheds.

Get the timing right

If you have decided to opt for a paid service (see below), your property inventory clerk will explain its model and operation to you.

Doing it yourself can be very simple – just make sure you complete the inventory on or just before your new tenant’s move-in date (when the property is completely ready), in the presence of your tenant.

This will need to be done before they move into their own business or use anything on your property.

Read our pre-rental checklist for an overview of what you need to do before a tenant moves in.

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