Revelation of the FPL team: Why I return to the model


Phil Gill, aka @fplsorcerer, is an incredibly successful Fantasy Premier League (FPL) veteran who can boast of two top 1k, six top 5k and eight top 10k.

Phil is sitting 85e in the Career Hall of Fame and went from 13,185 total in Gameweek 2 to 220,000 in Gameweek 4 after taking a bet and being against the model.

Here, he discusses his team plans for the weekend and beyond.

FPL Gameweek 4 Review

  • Points: 68
  • Overall ranking: 220k

It was a Gameweek dominated by “premium” players and unfortunately, Harry kane (£ 12.2million) let me down again for a second week in a row. After such a good start, my bet in Gameweek 3 to go against the model backfired. Extract Mohamed salah (£ 12.5 million) and Ivan Toney (£ 6.3million) for Kane and Raphael (£ 6.5million) cost me two Red Arrows and around 30 points, but at the time it was a good idea to take the risk of breaking into that top 500.

Nonetheless, we move on and at least my last minute decision to get Cristiano Ronaldo (£ 12.6million) for Gameweek 4 instead of Dominique Calvert-Lewin (£ 8.1million) proved to be a success. However, with other performing bonuses such as Romelu Lukaku (£ 11.6million), Salah and Bruno Fernandes (£ 12.0million), my captain Ronaldo winnings were somewhat wiped out leading to another red arrow.

FPL Gameweek 5 Options

For me, there are three big decisions this week:

  1. Two bounties vs three bounties

I toyed with the idea of ​​having Lukaku, Salah and Ronaldo on my squad for Gameweek 5. That would mean a -8 hit and an unbalanced squad, so for me I still think two bounties instead of three are the ones. the way forward – even though I was on a Wildcard. I think Salah is the key with one of the Lukaku / Ronaldo doing well in the next few blocks of matches. Lukaku has two tough fixtures ahead, despite being an injured Spurs so Ronaldo advises him at least until Gameweek 7. This gives the rest of the squad balance and as a single bonus maybe captain, the need for three heavy hitters seems excessive.

2. Wildcard or not Wildcard

I considered the wildcard, but again three bounties seem unnecessary and with a result of -8 I could have roughly my Wildcard squad. I also have a rule of never using wild cards unless a minimum roll of -12 is required. For me a Wildcard has to be worth it and I don’t mind the odd -4s or -8s to build my squad even though I’m trying to cut down on hits this year. So I do not see the need to activate the chip yet. I’m even thinking about keeping my Wildcard until the sea of ​​United’s green games in Gameweek 15. For Chelsea’s incredible Gameweek 7/8 run, I only need a -4 hit to bring Lukaku and Reece james (£ 5.6million).

3. What to do with Michael Antonio (£ 7.9million)

Personally I think Antonio has started so well and he needs to be kept at least for the next few weeks with some good games ahead – Leeds and Brentford – after his ban this week against United. I also don’t think there are too many options to replace it. Calvert-Lewin would have been good but he is now out for two to three weeks. For me the only other option is Patrick bamford (£ 7.9million) but I will still bring him for Kane this week. So I’m going to keep Antonio for Gameweek 5 and play a 4-4-2 formation for a week with Luc Ayling (£ 4.4million) coming into my back four.

Gameweek 5 Transfers

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