Rick and Morty’s Plush Website Became a Reality


rick and morty completely escaped the confines of the fourth wall and explored a space filled with meta commentary in the Season 6 finale, but it turns out the Rick stuffed toy website that Rick Sanchez advertised during the events of the episode was made into reality by Adult Bathing! During the series’ fourth season, Rick and Morty found themselves trapped in a “Story-Train” filled with all sorts of potential adventures for them. But the real boost was that in the “real” world of the show, this train was just a toy that fans could follow a link to and learn more about. Now it happened again.

Revisit the outside commentary on the way rick and morty writing its episodes much like the Story-Train episode, “Never Ricking Morty,” did in season 4, the final episode of season 6 brings back many of those ideas and characters in a fun way. One idea that really brings this whole thing full circle is the “Rick-Plush.biz” website that Rick mentions where his plush is sold, and following that website reveals a hilarious “advertisement” for the toy. Check it out below as spotted by @SirBoyyo on Twitter:

Can you buy Rick’s hilarious new plush?

Sixth-season episode 7, “Full Meta Jackrick”, reintroduces the Story-Train villain, Story Lord, to the series as he escapes meta-space outside the series’ fourth wall and in the “real” world of Rick and morty himself. It’s here that the Story Lord sees how mundane his creator’s real world has become and eventually hatches a plan that forges a massive machine to steal the motivation of the rest of the Earth. It’s a bit complicated, but the gag here is that they go to a factory that makes Rick Sanchez products.

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After reporting that Rick plushies were being made in the factory earlier, Rick ends up taking out Story Lord and the villain is thus killed with one of these plushies. Rick gets an ad for the plush itself that notes fans can follow a website URL to purchase one themselves, and Adult Swim made sure curious fans had something to look up to! Sadly, these plushies aren’t actually for sale (they aren’t available in this reality!), but it’s certainly fun to see the show go the extra mile for this joke.

Would you actually buy one of these Rick Sanchez plushies if you had the chance? Let us know all your thoughts on this in the comments! You can even contact me directly about all things anime and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

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