Robotic letter writing lends a helping hand to one-to-one marketing, CRM


The art of automating business communication extends to resurrecting handwritten letters to clients and maximizing appearance with a robotic workforce to produce correspondence.

The Hand-written app is part of an automated CRM tool that allows businesses – and people with an entrepreneurial passion – to integrate computer-based automation with personalized handwritten notes to customers. The result is a new approach to updating one of marketing’s best-known strategies – the personal letter.

Today, retailers have all but destroyed the effectiveness of personalized thank you notes and business letters. Delivered electronically in vanilla-typed emails and text messages, people have learned to hit the delete button or send-to-spam reply for most retail-related correspondence arriving in mailboxes. reception.

The Handwrytten web service uses bots to polish marketing messages into neat handwritten prose. It helps marketing teams reintroduce and automate what was once a fine art of letter writing. The Handwrytten app and computer interface lets you create professionally designed handwritten notes that are delivered to clients and client post office mailboxes.

Consumers expect to receive mass emails, texts and mailings from businesses. They rarely read them or pay attention to them on a regular basis. Handwrytten is an effective way for businesses to help their sales and marketing teams better engage potential and existing customers.

“People understand the power of the personal note, but no one has the time to sit down and pick up a pen and write one down. That’s why we built a platform to automate the process of end to end,” said David Wachs, Founder and CEO of Handwrytten.

Using state-of-the-art robotic technology automates what seems impossible to automate. These notes have been proven to generate incredible and lasting results for our clients, he added.

The fine arts revisited

Founded in 2014, Wachs had a vision to bring handwritten communication back to business. He wanted to fill an unmet need: to make handwritten notes as easy to send as an email.

To solve this problem, he invested heavily in robotics to build a machine unmatched in writing quality and scalability. Its more than 175 patented Handwrytten robots each independently write nearly 500 notes a day.

Image Credit: Handwrytten

The company is now building its own handwriting robots to produce more realistic calligraphy. Each bot monitors its ink levels and communicates with tenders via Slack if it jams or runs out of ink.

To scale, the company continues to build more machines to meet demand. Wachs plans to double the capacity of its machines this year.

This video from 2016 shows how the company first used off-the-shelf third-party machines to fulfill orders.

The machine maintains a human mannerism

The handwriting is indistinguishable from real human handwriting. The robotic hands can produce 23 handwriting styles.

Alternatively, users can upload their own handwriting and signature for a truly personalized style. This option comes with a one-time fee.

Either way, users can choose from over 100 card templates or design their own card online. Deliveries can include business cards or gift cards from over 20 popular brands, including Starbucks, Home Depot, Amazon and Visa, which can further foster customer relationships.

Handwritten Bulk Order Production

For bulk letter orders, each copy is originally copied, not photocopied, from the original robot-printed letter. (Image credit: handwriting)

“Handwrytten is the largest and oldest service of its kind. We allow people to go to our website or use our app integration and choose a map or design their own. They also choose a handwriting style and type a message. We then convert the message into the handwriting style,” Wachs told CRM Buyer.

keep it real

The company is tweaking several improvements in the robot’s hands to make writing feel even more real. A new version of the web application will provide better usability and more functionality.

Some of the “tricks” built into the robot mechanism to challenge creation by mechanical hands include:

  • Use up to 10 copies of each uppercase and lowercase letter randomly placed in the note to ensure sufficient variation;
  • Capture unique ligature combinations of a writing style (or font), such as two O’s next to each other, two T’s or connecting T and H or O and F;
  • Varying the spacing between lines and subtly randomizing that interline spacing, along with varying the left margin and ensuring that each line starts in a different place, creates more organic writing.

The company is working on solving its main remaining problem: straightness by bending words. Its updated writing engine now bends every line of text to create an even more organic effect.

In the wings

When I first discovered the Handwrytten service, I planned to check it out in more detail as a possible commercial product review. This approach led to a more in-depth discussion with the company’s driving force, David Wachs.

The product reviewer part of me wanted to know more about how the robotic writing process transforms the customer’s initial typed correspondence into an “Is this real?” ” final product.

Wachs declined to reveal details about the transformation process. He confided that they build, program and maintain their robotic machines in a large facility in Phoenix to write notes and post them.

Primarily a tool for businesses, Handwrytten’s clientele ranges from Fortune 500 companies to small retailers and consumers. It currently has more than 85,000 customers using the platform, according to Wachs.

The company has options for all budgets. Pricing starts at $3.25 to send a handwritten note, with discounts for bulk orders and subscriptions.

All of its cards are available contract-free. The company also offers subscription plans, wholesale discounts, and prepayment options.

Wachs also revealed that some limitations exist with the Handwrytten app (available for Android and iOS). The apps do not allow the user to bulk upload contact lists. They also do not currently support signatures. But these features are coming soon.

“The apps also don’t allow the new prospecting tool, which allows the user to target a demographic or geographic area and cover the area with handwritten notes,” he said. “The rest of the functionality is the same, however.”

Orders are franked with first class postage and shipped from the factory. The US Postal Service delivers all mail to the continental United States in three to four days. The company also ships to Canada, the UK and 190 other countries.

Marketing Tool Benefits

As a marketing tool, handwritten notes offer advantages over using CRM software in the office and in-house or commercial printing services. Perhaps most importantly, according to Wachs, handwritten notes have a 300% higher open rate than printed ones.

Additionally, handwritten notes have a very high probability of being considered surprising while having a low risk of being considered boring, he noted.

When consumers feel unappreciated by a brand, handwritten notes have a statistically significant ability to improve brand perception and drive consumers to come back and buy more, Wachs concluded.

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