Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and Tab S8: the NOTES app is PERFECT


Historically, with each new Galaxy Note model released each year, Samsung enhanced the iconic Notes app with new features. Now the Note line has been retired, but the Galaxy S22 Ultra is the device that picks up the legacy and it turns out it was designed to fill that gap in the market.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and Tab S8 Ultra: Note and S Pen, what a winning combination!

This year, it’s up to the Galaxy S22 Ultra and Galaxy Tab S8 series to continue living the great S Pen experience. And unsurprisingly, Unpacked 2022 marks the release of new features for the popular Samsung Notes app.

In keeping with annual tradition, the company has improved the Notes app alongside the release of a new S Pen. As for the Notes app itself, this year the company put a lot of thought into what the app was missing.

Samsung engineers looked at the factors that could improve the Notes app experience and finally came up with some new ideas. They decided to implement two new features called “Quick note” And “Collaborative display“.

Simply put, Galaxy S22 Ultra users can use Quick Note to add attachments to pages and link to content with ease while using apps like Samsung Internet, Gallery, and Messages.

For example, using the latest version of Samsung Notes on your device, you can visit a website using Samsung Internet, remove the S Pen from the case, and launch Quick Note in a pop-up window from the Air Command menu. At the bottom of this popup, the company has added a new button, and by interacting with it, you can instantly attach or link the web pages you’re viewing on your browser into a new quick note without having to manually copy-paste n’ whatever. .

The second major Samsung Notes update is for S22 Ultra and Tab S8 Ultra owners. Is called “Collaborative displayAnd the company says it allows the two devices to sync seamlessly.

What exactly does this mean? In other words, Collaboration View allows users who have an S22 Ultra to use the same color palette and set of tools in Samsung Notes, turning the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra’s large screen into a blank canvas, devoid of unnecessary UI elements.

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