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TL; DR: As of May 11, the SyncPen3, a smart pen from NEWYES, is on sale for $129.99, which is 27% off its usual price of $179.

Even pens are high-tech these days. The SyncPen gives you the ability to get all your doodles, sketches and notes out on paper as you normally would, then save them digitally afterwards.

Previously introduced in its second iteration, the SyncPen recently launched its third model. It pairs with an LCD notebook and a laptop (both included) – and it’s already on sale for less than the previous one. It’s regularly $179, but you can save 27% for a limited time and get the SyncPen3 for just $129.99.

The SyncPen3 retains all the features of the second generation pen that customers loved, such as the ability to convert handwritten notes and doodles into editable digital files with 360 degree capture. You can sort your notes by word or date and convert them to a variety of different formats, including Word documents or PDFs. The pen can also identify, read and convert over 66 different languages ​​for you.

With the new model, you can now change the notebook’s writing color and thickness with a quick toolbar, use less power, get more storage, and enjoy an LCD pad companion. lighter and thinner. The new and improved LCD pad also lets you take notes in different colors, perform activities such as emailing notes directly to others, collaborating with teams, and saving journals audio next to your text.

Check it out:

Whether you have horrible handwriting or flawless printing, the SyncPen’s smart features are designed to recognize text and convert it easily. You can even use it without WiFi connection. In offline mode, you can still take notes as they come in and your text will be translated later.

For a limited time, you can get the SyncPen3 – which comes with the LCD notepad, notepad, three ballpoint pen refills, three plastic refills, test paper, micro USB charger and manual – for only $129.99. That’s 27% savings and $20 less than the second-generation SyncPen.

Prices subject to change.

Credit: Shenzhen Newyes Technology Limited

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