Scam that imitated Binance website foiled


A website claiming to be Binance’s official page attempted to trick users into sending BTC and ETH to the Binance blockchain, promising an additional 12% profit if they complete the transaction.

The Malware Hunter team – a free identifying ransomware website that helps victims determine what kind of software is locking their data – has been alerted and put to work in order to foil the fraud.

A fake URL link was the key to getting the team to crack the deception.

Malware hunters identify over 600 ransomware families by specific filename extensions and patterns, ransom note titles, email addresses, and Bitcoin addresses.

The hoax link included statements promoting the wallet on the Binance channel and the smart contract.

“In order to unlock the widespread adoption of Binance Coin (BNB), a good wallet is one of the most important gateways for our users,” he said.

“Now, teaming up with the high-quality wallets that have supported our Binance Chain from the start, we are jointly launching the Binance Chain smart contract. Use the smart contract to trade your BTC or ETH into BNB, and it generates an additional 12% as profit, which we have committed to reaching a total of 600.00 BNB.

Scams are a regular and rampant phenomenon in the cryptocurrency industry. Recently, the $ SQUID token – based on the Squid Game TV show – seemed to be “pulled over” as invested funds and the people behind them disappeared without a trace.

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