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Scented Chemistry, the one-stop resource center for all things cologne, fragrance and fragrance, is pleased to announce the launch of its website. A smell lover and a collector started this site. Each person reacts differently to a smell or scent. One of the best examples is how a baby recognizes the smell of its mother and this happens in the womb. Although a baby’s vision may develop, the ability to recognize everything by smell, from birth, is one of nature’s greatest works. There is another fact which is unknown to many. A perfume, although made from the same set of ingredients, can smell differently to different people. This is because of the unique balance of skin pH, skin type, hormone levels and diet.

Scented Chemistry was started by cologne enthusiast and collector James Statton

Scented Chemistry was started to help people understand that using the right scent can induce feelings and even trigger memories. Wearing perfume is not just about masking body odor, it is also about creating an identity through smell. Fragrances are often seen as luxurious and thanks to deodorants, people need to be introduced to scents properly. Perfumes have been used for millennia, and the ancients discovered that these scents made them smell good and feel good. Today, fragrances are an integral part of creating a personal identity. has some very simple yet effective tips for those who want to discover their signature scent. Finding that signature scent that complements a person’s style and personality can be difficult. The idea behind having a signature scent is to create an everlasting impression on the people they meet. The same can also trigger memories in unimaginable ways. So, the first step to finding that scent is to determine a scent. Some people like earthy scents while others like florals. The second step is to associate it with personality and style. It depends on how a person dresses, walks and talks, and on what level he wants to create an impression.

Finally, you have to test several brands a lot. The author says this part is challenging and mystifying. This is going to be very tempting, but stick to the one that suits you best. Always ask for a sample and have them sprayed on the pulse points. Always write down the brand and edition name for future reference. This data allows the list to be narrowed down further. Author, James Statton, also suggests that one can create their own signature scent by layering scents. There are many more articles and posts featured here. In short, it’s a one-stop resource center for perfumes, colognes, and fragrances.

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Scented Chemistry was started by cologne enthusiast and collector James Statton. This site was created to help people explore the different scents available and choose a signature scent.



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