Siri still can’t add or edit notes in Notes app after iOS 15.2 update


Siri, Apple’s voice assistant for iOS, offers a number of possibilities to make it easier to use various functions on your devices.

For example, one of Siri’s most useful features was the ability to add or edit notes in the Notes app by voice, without even having to touch the phone or a compatible device.

But, for months, that possibility would have disappeared. This left many users unhappy as it was a widely used feature. And, to this day, the functionality is still lost after the iOS 15.2 update (1, 2).

Siri still can’t add or edit notes in the Notes app after iOS 15.2 update

According to multiple reports, when users try to add or edit a note through Siri, they receive a “sorry, I can’t help with this” message.

I used to be in my kitchen, cooking and asking my Homepod “Hey Siri, please add garlic to my weekly shopping.” Never had a problem. About a week ago, all of my devices are now responding “sorry, I can’t help with that”. And I’m prompted on my iPhone to just open the notes. Has this feature been removed? It was so convenient and quick especially while cooking.

My partner and I have a shared shopping list note called a “shopping list”. On older versions of iOS, I could tell Siri to “add bread to my shopping list note” and she would just add “bread” on a new line at the end of the note. It was a very useful way for both of us to add items to the list and easily share the list. In iOS 15 this no longer seems to work, with Siri replying that she “can’t help me with this”. Source

The problem would have started on iOS 14.8

The problem would have started from the iOS 14.8 update. There are reports made for about 3 months, so the bug has been affecting iOS users for a long time.


Apple would know, but issues persist in iOS 15.2

According to some reports, Apple is already aware of the bug. One user points out that, through a call with an Apple supervisor, he was able to find out that they were changing Siri’s behavior.

I just finished a long support call with one of the supervisors, who was INCREDIBLY responsive and helpful. After trying all the usual troubleshooting strategies, he contacted Software Engineering. It seems that by making some updates / changes to how Siri works, it inadvertently stopped being able to pair with Notes. They know about it, are working on it.

The previous report dates from mid-November. However, more recent reports indicate that the issue with Siri in the Notes app persists in the current iOS 15.2 update.


So, for now, affected users can only wait for an official statement. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a workaround to help alleviate the problem.

Finally, if there are any new developments in the coming days, we will update this article. So stay tuned with us. In the meantime, you can also check out the dedicated iOS 15 issue / bug tracker.
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