Skyrim follows the Fallout model too closely


Although Bethesda’s two main RPG series, Ancient Scrolls and To falltake place in completely different universes, it’s still surprisingly easy to draw comparisons between Skyrim and the post-apocalyptic world of To fall franchise. Everything from the game’s setting to its NPCs and overall storyline echoes the formula often used in Bethesda To fall Games. In fact, longtime fans of the series are more likely to pick up on the distinct feeling that Tamriel isn’t quite what it used to be, and the crumbling state of many different parts of SkyrimThe world of is an essential aspect of the game’s narrative.


Perhaps the most important indication of why Skyrim feels so structurally different from previous old scrolls games is the time difference between he and his two closest predecessors in the old scrolls chronology, Morrowwind and Oversight. Until the release of Skyrimthe whole of the old scrolls the games were reasonably close together on the timeline. For example, daggerfall takes place only six years after Arenawith Morrowwind after 20 years later. Oversight is set another six years after that. However, the events of Skyrim occur 200 years after those of Oversightand the state of the world makes this fact apparent.

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The Elder Scrolls 6 can bring the series back to its old pattern. Many important events in SkyrimThe history of Skyrim seems set to have a substantial impact on the overall state of Tamriel, from the assassination of the Emperor by the Dark Brotherhood to the aftermath of the Stormcloak Rebellion and the results of Skyrim’s central conflict. civil war. The ongoing confrontation between the Empire and Thalmor may also be the focus in Elder Scrolls 6meaning it wouldn’t take place too long after the conclusion of Skyrim. If that is the case, The Elder Scrolls 6 could still potentially follow To fallthe formula closely.

Skyrim and Fallout both lack powerful empires

In the previous four main lines old scrolls games, Tamriel was primarily under the influence of the Septim dynasty, which came to its catastrophic conclusion in Oversight with the death of Martin Septim during the invasion of Mehrunes Dagon. The Mede dynasty began soon after, but the years of discord and chaos that followed the Oblivion Crisis centuries before Skyrim left the Empire in a weak state, allowing the Aldmeri Dominion to gain significant amounts of power. The Dominion’s struggle for dominance and demands on the Empire culminated in the Great War, which was only ended by the White-Gold Covenant, which then sparked civil war in Skyrim.

By the time the Dragonborn enters the scene, the Mede Dynasty has nearly lost control of Skyrim, and if players choose to side with the Stormcloaks, the entire region can withdraw from the Empire altogether. This would further split Tamriel’s politics into fragments, something that reflects the state of the world in To fall. Set in the aftermath of a major war, there is no centralized government in the post-apocalyptic To fall games and various factions instead war over policies and territory. This is particularly central in the history of Fallout: New Vegas. Although the situation in Tamriel is not so clearly divided, at least during Skyrimit seems to be going in this direction, and the situation could worsen during The Elder Scrolls 6.

Skyrim and Fallout are both set after major apocalypses

Tamriel has been through its fair share of world-ending disasters, but it seems that the Third and Fourth Eras, in particular, consist of many major disasters. From the Crisis of Oblivion to the Red Year, the consequences are apparent in many aspects of Skyrimthe conception of the world of and the internal conflicts of his society. For example, the Dunmer refugees from Morrowwind – one of many old scrolls types of elves – populate much of Windhelm. The Dragon Crisis and Alduin’s Return, which are the driving force behind Skyrim, are two of the most recent examples of crises facing all of Tamriel. With much of the game focused on near-world destruction, it’s easy to draw comparisons to To fallpost-apocalyptic environments.

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In addition to the decline of the Empire and the physical state of Tamriel, there are a few other areas that are in significant decline during the time of Skyrim, as well as. Organizations that once held clear influence, such as the Fighters Guild and Mages Guild, are entirely absent from Skyrim despite their presence in elder scrolls online demonstrating that they once had a clear foot in the area. Even the remaining factions like the College of Winterhold, the Dark Brotherhood, and the Thieves Guild are in a state of disrepair and disrepair. Similar to recent To fall Games, Skyrim takes staples players may recognize from previous games in the series and shows how far they’ve fallen over the years in the universe.

How Skyrim’s Environment Mirrors Fallout

Although each region of Tamriel has a unique architectural style, something that is evident in the main line old scrolls games and The Elder Scrolls Online, Skyrim notably seems to be largely constructed from earlier civilizations. For example, Markarth is built almost entirely from the remains of an ancient Skyrim Dwemer city. Other towns seem to consist of little more than small clusters of basic wooden houses or, in some cases, nothing more than tents. Bandit camps are more common when dealing with traces of organized civilization, a gameplay element that will likely sound familiar to fans of the To fall series.

Various NPCs everywhere Skyrim will also take note, saying it’s too dangerous for the average citizen to venture off-road. Consequently, many SkyrimThe side quests of Dragonborn involve helping hunting parties gone bad or mines that have been overrun by undead Draugr or groups of bandits. Just like the places without law presented in To fallthe largest parts of SkyrimThe map is overrun with powerful enemies that can prove deadly if players don’t prepare properly, especially with the return of the Dragons. This is even more evident in Survival mode, one of the mods introduced with the inclusion of Skyrim Anniversary EditionCreation Club items.

Although there is no nuclear destruction to worry about avoiding in Skyrimthere are still clear parallels to Bethesda’s overall structure and themes To fall series. Both place players in the remnants of a once great civilization, and NPCs in both series seem to be more about surviving and gaining power than advancing technology to any significant degree. There is a significant amount of rebuilding to do post-Skyrimand The Elder Scrolls 6 could be about to mark a turning point as a result, with players potentially having a hand in the Empire’s comeback or fall. With both Fallout 5 and The Elder Scrolls 6 having been confirmed to be in early development talks at Bethesda, fans of both franchises will have a chance to see just how well they could continue to align in the years to come.

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