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The department has been accused of “maladministration” in its management of the state’s retirement ages. In response, WASPI issued a “model letter” open to MPs pending the DWP to respond to their requests.

A report by the Parliamentary Ombudsman and Health Services (PHSO) revealed that the government had failed to take into account the need for specific and targeted communication on changes to the state pension for women born in the provinces. 1950s.

Further, the PHSO findings indicate that the DWP continued to follow the same course of action despite the fact that its response at the time did not resolve the situation.

Released in July 2021, the government has had almost a full month to process the PHSO report, but none have been received so far.

As an organization, WASPI claims compensation for women affected by state retirement age changes since 2015.

For women who wish to contact their MP to push the government to address the issue of pension inequality, WASPI has shared an open-ended “model letter” to help lobby politicians.

Specifically, the advisory letter aims to help women and WASPI activists who have received answers from MPs to their questions, but are confused by the response and seek to be heard.

However, WASPI encourages women to use their own words when contacting their parliamentary representative, as MPs hate “letters in the round”.

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The advice letter begins with a reiteration of WASPI’s goals and history to clarify the campaign’s unique purpose.

He says: “Thank him for his interest and for writing to the DWP (if he offered to do so), but explain that WASPI has never campaigned for full restitution (or reimbursement of ‘lost pensions’) ), or to bring the state retirement age (ASP) back to 60, and we are not opposed to equalization either.

“He / she may be confusing judicial review which was for a different campaign group with WASPI, and WASPI never claimed to be discriminated against.

“However, the government’s failure to properly inform women was viewed by PHSO as maladministration. It is entirely up to the ombudsman, if he finds an injustice, to recommend a remedy.


“As a campaign, WASPI has always known that we were not properly informed, and we are now seeking fair and reasonable compensation for the impact that the lack of notice has had on the women concerned. “

In addition to general advice on letter etiquette and pointers to the history of WASPI, the advice also includes ways to respond to talking points from MPs regarding the government’s response to historic changes in the retirement age. of State.

He continued: ‘Some MPs are including in their responses comments on the’ government concessions of £ 1.1 billion ‘. It should be noted that this did not compensate anyone for anything, it applied to both men and women.

“What that meant was that when the government accelerated the increase in the state’s retirement age to equalize in 2018 rather than 2020, it delayed the acceleration very slightly.

“In fact, the government has not saved as much money on our state pensions as it hoped. This is a historic injustice, the largest case of maladministration ever brought before the Ombudsman, affecting 3.8 million women.

“The government knew it had not communicated the changes adequately and chose to do nothing about it.

“The time has come for the government to address this issue and offer fair and reasonable compensation to women affected by maladministration.

“Add that you look forward to discussing it further with him when the Mediator has completed the second stage of his investigation. WASPI will be very happy to meet any MP who wishes to engage in this process.

In a previous interview with on the matter, a DWP spokesperson said: appeal.

“In a move towards gender equality, it was decided over 25 years ago to make the state retirement age the same for men and women.”

For those looking for advice on contacting their MP on WASPI’s behalf, the campaign can be accessed by email at [email protected]

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