Study: More than half of Australians leave a website after the first page


Analysis of 46 billion browsing sessions also reveals digital leaders drive performance
and growth. The report outlines ways to identify user frustrations and preferences, as well as opportunities for improvement
customer experience to drive happiness and conversion.

More than half (56%) of Australian customers leave a website or mobile site after viewing a single page. Additionally, an average scroll rate of 54% across all industries shows that many customers don’t go halfway through a given web page. These results are featured in the 2022 Digital Experience Benchmark, a new report from leading experience analytics company Contentsquare.

Based on analysis of 46 billion web sessions from around the world and across 14 industries, the report is designed to help brands benchmark their digital performance against industry averages, highlighting where they need to focus their attention and resources to achieve a competitive edge in today’s crowded marketplace. .

With the increase in online activity and digital adoption in recent years, customer expectations for smoother and more rewarding digital journeys are obviously on the rise. Organizations that have made great improvements to digital experiences are quickly seeing the return of their efforts, both in terms of the bottom line and cementing more meaningful connections with their audiences and customers.

In 2021, Australian brands recorded an average conversion rate of 1%, lagging global trends. With the exception of health and beauty retail and home goods and furnishings, most sectors recorded an average conversion rate below the global average (2.3% ).

The report also notes that average page load times are better on mobile than desktop (1.59 seconds vs. 1.67 seconds), suggesting that brands are considering their customers and prioritizing experience. on smartphones. With an average of 52% of digital traffic coming from mobile devices, Australian businesses understand the importance of thinking mobile first and creating experiences that transcend channels.

Overall, despite rising consumer expectations and ongoing digital disruption, leaders across industries are seizing the digital opportunity and investing in human-centric digital experiences. The luxury retail sector stood out from the rest with the lowest bounce rate at 45%, while the financial services sector had the highest at 74%.

Jonathan Cherki, Founder and CEO of Contentsquare commented, “Digital experience is a top priority for
brands around the world, but many experiences still fall short of customer expectations, primarily because many companies still struggle to understand what makes their customers happy and what frustrates them.

“Contentsquare provides businesses with unique insights into how people behave the way they do online, and why. With our 2022 Digital Experience Benchmark report, we’re making available the CX trends we’ve observed over the past twelve months, to level the playing field for businesses of all sizes, regardless of their access to data assets. and analytical skills. We hope this will help brands better understand their audience, keep pace with their industry, and empower their teams to create more human digital experiences.

Albert Nel, Senior Vice President, Asia-Pacific and Japan, Contentsquare added, “Australian consumers have really embraced digital when it comes to shopping over the past two years. With the democratization of how we live and shop for the long haul, Australian brands and marketers have a wealth of opportunities to leverage customer intelligence to design experiences that align with goals and objectives. user expectations.

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