Supergirl star Azie Tesfai reflects on writing ‘blind spots’


Last fall Super girl star Azie Tesfai became the first Arrowverse actor to write an episode of her own series when she co-wrote the episode “Blind Spots” with writer J. Holtham. The episode saw Tesfai’s character Kelly Olsen face a rapidly escalating tragedy for an underserved community, but the situation is made worse by the fact that as things get worse for those affected, the heroes, including Supergirl (Melissa Benoist), don’t come to help. The episode was a major turning point for the character of Tesfai, who ultimately took on the role of Guardian, but also carried an important message about the importance of being your own hero. Now Tesfai is thinking about the episode.

During a recent episode of that of Michael Rosenbaum Inside of you Podcast, Tesfai explained how she realized she wanted to write an episode and described how she was in the Super girl writer’s room for months as part of the process. But she also spoke about the episode itself, which sees Kelly directly confronting the heroes as part of the problem, which she said was a bit difficult.

“Especially when you’re doing note calls in rooms and the characters have been built like the hero who’s the best of everyone and you have to, you know,” Tesfai said. “It’s interesting how people react to these scenes when they read them because people get very defensive. It’s almost like they are the ones being attacked, but even with our fans, I get it. thinks a lot, we were lacking in accountability. And it’s like superheroes aren’t going to save the day. The point of it all is, hopefully, you take it for yourself and empower yourself. “

She continued, “Stop relying on someone to save you in your day-to-day life. It can translate into so much and so, what does it look like when you expect someone? ‘one saves you and he fails you? How painful is it? How do you come forward for yourself? How do you show yourself for yourself?

Tesfai previously told that bringing up this story with Kelly while on the ship was the “best way” to approach it.

“You know, I think for me personally, telling this story through other characters and using Kelly as a ship seemed like the best way to me,” Tesfai told “And so, we have amazing guest stars who come in and actually tell these stories, and Kelly is just a light and a lamp for their plots to be highlighted. It always seemed like the right way to go. to do it. And also, addressing these issues is very complicated, and so it was very important to me that it wasn’t an episode. And it’s the beginning of an arc, of a story arc, that seemed to be the only way to try to approach it. But I mainly think reorienting, in Kelly’s new career, those heartbreaking stories through other characters and through our guest stars seemed like the best way to start this arc. of these opportune, heartbreaking and difficult circumstances in which our characters and our society find themselves. “

The six seasons of Super girl are now streaming on Netflix.

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