Supporting refugee learners from Ukraine in schools in Europe 2022


The report focuses on some of the policies and measures developed by education authorities across Europe to help schools integrate children and young people who have fled the war in Ukraine. The report is produced by Eurydice, a network of the European Commission which studies and compares the organization of education systems in Europe.

The document provides information for the 2021-2022 school year collected through a survey disseminated in Eurydice countries (except Hungary and Serbia).

The document notes that in May 2022 there are still children and young people from Ukraine who are not yet enrolled in European schools. While many education authorities have issued guidelines recently to help schools welcome Ukrainian learners, assessment of refugee students’ personal needs, including in terms of emotional and mental health, is limited.

The report also notes that many countries promote the integration of refugee learners into mainstream classes as well as intensive support for learning the language of instruction. At the same time, providing support to local teachers and involving their Ukrainian counterparts in the learning process is still rare.

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