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The brief: The trend of hand emoji comments (✍️) indicates that creators are taking notes on each other’s content.


Much like the dances, different types of comments come and go on TikTok. The latest comment trend sees Zoomers playfully poke fun at memorable moments and quotes from videos using the writing hand emoji ✍️. It has come to symbolize “note taking”. This commentary gained popularity in early October.

These types of comments typically include a quote or description of a moment in the video with the handwritten emoji between each word to illustrate “taking notes.” This kind of comment is meant to be funny.

For example, in the video below, a creator claimed to be the publicist for the fly that landed on Vice President Mike Pence’s head during the 2020 Vice Presidential Debate. The creator’s remarks on the need for sound assistant to remember the word “buzz” have become a remarkable moment.


#fyp #foryoupage #pence #fly #for you

original sound – Tik Toker

TikTok writing hand emoji taking notes trendy comments
TikTok / jtfirstman

There’s also this video of a designer who seems to like playing fight with his girlfriend. Viewers left thirsty comments in which they “took notes” on how they would try to entertain the creator in a risky way.


ty for a mil on insta btw !!

Beat It But REVERBED – BlaineAdamsHere

TikTok handwriting emoji ✍️ meaning definition
TikTok / vhackerr

These comments can earn an incredible amount of likes. However, it is not clear whether high engagement on this type of comment increases the number of subscribers for the account that left the post.

Previous commenting trends have seen TikTokers enlist their followers to troll other creators in an effort to shift traffic to their own accounts. This was the case in January 2020, when creator Austyn Brown @ajrbrown asked her followers to leave the comment “Austyn already did it” under the popular videos on their “For You” page.

It is a kind of activity typical of TikTok cults. Members perform any task required of them, this includes leaving unrelated messages or changing their profile pictures to the same image.

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