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The Single Digital Presence, a long-planned national website for all public libraries, has been renamed LibraryOn and now has its own website.

The British Library published an update on the new digital platform yesterday (3 November) and said LibraryOn is being developed “to promote what libraries do for communities across the UK and bring people together people from their local library”.

The website also features a logo for the project and says LibraryOn will “work with library staff to share the great work they do and highlight what libraries have to offer”. He notes: “Libraries have always been cornerstones of local communities in the UK, but today what they offer is not widely understood. Many people don’t know that they can get books, audiobooks and e-books for free, and that there is a range of activities and events available to them.

Those working in the library industry can visit to learn more and sign up for a project newsletter.

The bookstore previously reported that the Single Digital Presence beta will be available to users and the industry in early 2023. runs out”.

In a blog post in October, Tiina Hill, head of delivery of the British Library’s unique digital presence for public libraries and community engagement, acknowledged this and stressed that the project would be “an example of developing agile product design” to “design things that feel real, test with people, and aim to come away with insights that help us improve the user experience”.

She said: “This process is rooted in the notion that to solve real problems – whether they concern library staff, existing users or those not currently using libraries – we will have the best idea of ​​what that we need to build by showing people realistic examples and getting their feedback in real time.”

She added: “Our early explorations and discussions with public library staff have shown us that building a truly national platform that supports loans and events will take considerable time. And while these services are still on the horizon, we are now focused on what we can offer the industry sooner, while continuing to learn what we need to do to build a more holistic platform later.

“Of course, a project of this nature has many other moving parts. Over the past nine months, we have worked with experienced creative agency FCB Inferno to undertake extensive research with libraries and the public to develop the platform’s new name and look. We will share this very soon, after testing the final designs.

“In addition, we regularly organize show-and-tells with key colleagues here at the British Library and within the library sector. We will also be launching monthly sessions open to industry stakeholders starting in November. »

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