The Boys Reveals What Black Noir Wrote In The Season 3 Trailer



A new tweet from The Boys’ official Twitter account claims to reveal the cryptic Black Noir superhero notes on the Season 3 trailer.

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The boys jokingly reveals what Black Noir jotted down in his notepad while watching the trailer for the third season of the Prime Video series.

Posted to the show’s Twitter account, the gag tweet includes two images: one of The Seven’s more enigmatic members writing in a notebook (a photo from Season 1), and another from her point of view, looking at the page with his gloved hand holding a pencil visible in the corner of the frame. The second image aims to show the notes taken by Black Noir while watching the long-awaited Season 3 trailer.

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Black Noir’s first note concerns his apparent confusion over whether “Butcher” is Billy Butcher’s (Karl Urban) last name or job title. While it pokes fun at the silent superhero’s intellect, the question comes after Butcher’s newfound superpowers caused carnage in the trailer with abilities like Homelander. Black Noir moves quickly from this point, with its next note addressing the lack of exposed puffs of Gruyère – a callback to a visual gag in Season 1 involving this specific type of couch.

Next, Black Noir notes the question “Do girls ALWAYS do it?” A reference to Vought International’s falsely feminist marketing campaign in The boys Season 2, this note teases the return of series girl powerhouses Queen Maeve and Starlight, as well as the debut of Crimson Countess. Another of Black Noir’s notes focuses specifically on Maeve, highlighting her new Wonder Woman-inspired sword.

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The notebook of the mysterious supe also contains a dedication to The boys The biggest addition of Season 3, Soldier Boy. Black Noir’s writings question whether his middle-aged colleague should really be called “Soldier Man” instead, given that the character is nearly a century old. According to Soldier Boy actor Jensen Ackles in a recent interview, “[Soldier Boy’s] a grand father. He’s from the 40s… He doesn’t age, so it’s this 40-year-old superhero who’s really 80 or 90.”

While Black Noir’s “notes” are obviously a bit of a joke, the trailer for The boys Season 3 shows a brief glimpse of the character sitting down with pencil and paper. He is shown drawing rather than writing, however, specifically doodling a cartoon animal.

Season 3 of The boys premieres on Prime Video on June 3.

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