The Cold-Email Template I Use to Attract New Clients as a Copywriter

  • Reaching new leads is a numbers game. Save time using and adjusting email templates.
  • You can often find prospects’ email addresses with a quick Google search or an email search tool.
  • Customize your email template to showcase your unique skills and personality.

One of the ways I’ve been able to grow my business and my income as a freelance writer and make $6,000-9,000 a month is to regularly set aside time to reach out to new clients. Typically, the process of sending cold emails takes me between one and three hours a week, but it pays off by letting me connect and work with companies and marketing agencies that don’t appeal to me. would not have found otherwise.

To start, I try to find the best contact information for a potential customer by typing “[person’s name] + [company name] + [email address]” in Google, by searching for their LinkedIn profile, or by using an email search tool, such as

Then I send a short personalized note. Here’s what it looks like:

Subject line: Hey, [client’s first name]let’s talk about it [company name’s] marketing objectives

Hi [client’s first name],

Hope you’re having a good week so far! I’m Jenny Rose, a freelance writer specializing in [company’s niche].

Quick question: Do [company name] need more content now? (I’m talking about the high quality kind!)

If you are looking to produce authority building blog posts, thought leadership articles, case studies or e-books, I would love to talk more about it with you.

Some of my recent clients include [list biggest and most relevant clients]. My work has also appeared in [list biggest publications you’ve written for or been mentioned in].

Let me know if you would like to see relevant samples or discuss further. You can also view my website/portfolio under my email signature if you wish.

Have a nice day,


[Link to website/portfolio]

How I present myself depends on whether I have already built a relationship with a contact on LinkedIn. For example, here’s how I customized this template for Yardi, a property management software company:

Hi [prospect’s name],

Please connect on LinkedIn! I look forward to seeing your content in my feed. 🙂

Quick question: Does Yardi need more content right now? (I’m talking about the high quality kind!)

If you’re looking to produce more authority-building content, like blog posts, thought leadership articles, case studies, or e-books, I’d love to talk more about it with you.

As I mentioned on LinkedIn, I’m a freelance writer specializing in real estate, PropTech, and property management.

Some of my recent clients include PropStream, Flyhomes, Real Estate Accounting Co. and Edward Jones. My writing has also appeared in publications like Insider.

Let me know if you want to see any relevant clips or chat further. (You can also view my website under my email signature if you like!)

Have a nice day,

Jenny Rose

My contact quickly replied that she was happy to communicate with me, but she said that Yardi relied on an in-house team of writers. She recommended I contact a Yardi-owned publication that used freelance writers and even referred my services to other companies. We still keep in touch from time to time on LinkedIn.

This template can also work for people who don’t do copywriting.

For example, if you’re a graphic designer, you can replace writing case studies or thought pieces with producing clean, eye-catching websites, apps, or brochures.

Sometimes I also like to give a personalized compliment or praise the company – for example, if it recently received venture capital funding or was mentioned in a major publication. Showing that you took the time to see what the company was doing goes a long way in getting a prospect’s attention.

Remember that sending introductory emails is a numbers game. In my experience, for about 10 emails I send, I get one or two replies – so be sure to spread your personalized message widely and consistently commit time to this effort. It’s worth it!

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