The EZ Notes app is a compelling alternative to Google Keep


If you are looking for a new notes app, you may want to consider the EZ Notes app. This app has been around for a while now, and while it’s not one of the more popular note apps, it’s really good.

The EZ Notes app has been around for a long time now

The EZ Notes app is similar to Google Keep in some ways, but offers a bit more functionality. It’s also worth pointing out that this app came out long before Google Keep was a thing, it’s been available since 2014.

Now this app has a lot of features. You can just use it to take various notes, while you can color code those notes as well. This is not all, however. You can also take voice notes, if that’s what you prefer.

To make things even more convincing, the developer included a pretty good “EZ Editor” in the mix. This feature allows you to fully customize your notes. You can change the font, alignment, include images, and various other types of formatting. Even if you want to doodle, that’s no problem, as this feature is included as well.

Organize your notes the way you want with the ‘EZ Folders’ function

If you need more organization options, that’s also not a problem for this app. EZ Notes has the ‘EZ Folders’ feature, which allows you to sort your notes into different folders.

In case you were wondering if a search function is available … yes it is. You can use the general search feature (called “EZ Search”) to browse through all of your notes and find exactly what you are looking for.

Several theme options are also included here. You can choose between Day, Night, Battery Saver and System options. This is more than almost any other note app.

Free and paid versions are available

We’re only scratching the surface here as there are plenty of other options included in the app. The EZ Notes app actually comes in two versions. The “Lite” version is free, while you will have to pay $ 1.99 for the full version.

If you need a solid notes app, the full version is definitely worth it. You can use the “Lite” option, but you will probably miss some features. Either way, the two versions are linked below.

Download the EZ Notes app (Play Store)

Download the EZ Notes Lite app (Play Store)

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