The Google Notes app has a curious bug that only affects Samsung mobile phones


If you have a Samsung phone and you’re having trouble with Google Keep, don’t worry: you’re not alone.

A growing number of users Reporting There is an error in Google Keep, Google’s notes and lists app. What is really surprising is that all users who reported the problem have one thing in common: They are the owners of Samsung smartphones.

as a report for 9to5GoogleThe error in the question is the cause Problems with numbered lists, in some cases it reaches Check your registered information Including.

Google Keep on your Android phone.

The error affects Samsung phones with One UI 4 and Android 12

The first reports were submitted by users in November, and since then more and more people have been reporting the bug in Google Keep.

As you can see from the shared screenshot, the error appears as Duplicate or duplicate items in numbered lists. Affected users explained Grades cannot be edited to eliminate them, because each time a new element is added, The app duplicates the content again.

Google Keep error on Samsung mobile phones multiplies numbered list indicators.

The most striking thing about the case is that The issue seems to only affect Samsung hardware updated to Android 12 with One UI 4. Models that continue to run an older version of the system They don’t suffer from the same error.

Currently, there does not appear to be a solution that Samsung mobile users can implement from their mobile phone. The only alternative in Edit Google Keep web version notesEither from a mobile phone or from a computer.

This free notes app with a minimalist design is the best alternative to Google Keep that you can use

Google has confirmed that it is Error investigation Looking for a solution. Therefore, an update is expected to be released in the coming days to resolve Google Keep issues seen on Samsung phones updated to Android 12.

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