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The official Grimes County website may receive some long overdue updates.

IT director Greg Cannon spoke at Commissioner Curt’s Wednesday meeting about the complaints he’s received and the biggest problem for him.

“It’s not mobile friendly at all. If you’re trying to search anything from a tablet or phone, it’s next to impossible. It’s designed strictly for desktop. So, it’s been a source of frustration for citizens,” Cannon said. “It’s also hard to maintain…it’s outdated technology, it’s just hard to use.”

It is also mentioned that mobile payment not available is a common frustration.

The department is looking to change the content creator, as well as the hosting. But, to convert everything to make it more user-friendly, it took around $25,000.

Cannon says citizen complaints are consistently being received, and while there is no firm plan in place, something needs to be done as soon as possible.

“We get a lot of traffic to our site…it’s pretty busy. Plus, all of our social media related to the site. With this update, we would be able to better integrate our social media into our website,” Cannon said.

No action was taken, as no formal offer or contract was presented.

Cannon noted that their hosting fees would drop exponentially with a future change, from around $4,300 per year to around $200 per year.

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