The Legend Of Heroes: Trails To Azure Website Update Teases Character And Org Changes In The Wake Of Trails From Zero


Official descriptions of each organization are listed below. However, it should also be noted that since it is a direct sequel to The Legend of Heroes: The Trails of Zerothere are explicit spoilers for this game, so don’t watch these entries if you haven’t finished this title yet.

Most important of these upcoming lines are Lloyd’s Notes which provide updates for various groups and individuals following the events of zero trails. Otherwise, the descriptions are fairly general. However, the Red Constellation part of the profiles is entirely new.

While far from complete, these field notes are a way for the SSS to catalog our information regarding the organizations, criminal and otherwise, that inhabit Crossbell City. As we learn more about these different groups, we will add to these notes to support our efforts to help the citizens of this city*.

*Note from Lloyd: This information has since been supplemented by an unexpected…contributor and will therefore reflect the most recent data available for the SSS.

Information is still being obtained, and all grades are subject to review by Section Chief Sergei Lou.

An international non-governmental organization with branches across the continent, the Bracer Guild’s goal is to keep the peace and protect civilians. As this somewhat overlaps with our own guidelines, they could be considered SSS’s biggest competitor. Although to be fair, this rivalry is a bit one-sided in favor of the Bracer Guild at the moment.

*Note from Lloyd: Although this organization is a competitor to ours, in the face of recent events we have received a lot of support and cooperation from their members; most notably the Arios MacLaine S-rank bracer. Right now, I’d like to think it’s much less a “rivalry” than a mutual camaraderie.

Thanks to the excellent track record of their Crossbell branch and the impeccable work of internationally acclaimed armband Arios MacLaine, the Armband Guild has become the first group citizens turn to when they need help**. Two new transfers include Estelle and Joshua Bright.***

**Note from Lloyd: In light of recent events, it appears that the citizens of Crossbell are now more aware of us and willing to turn to us for help.

*** Note from Lloyd: As of this writing, Estelle and Josh have since transferred and are no longer affiliated with the Crossbell branch of the Bracer Guild.

A group of delinquents located in the downtown district of Crossbell City, the Testaments consider themselves intellectuals. Their calm and collected leader, Wazy Hemisphere, has earned quite a loyal (and sometimes passionate) following, which the SSS will have to watch closely in the future*.

*Note from Lloyd: Since their leader, Wazy Hemisphere, joined our team, the Testaments have become a reliable source of information on the events of Crossbell.

It appears that the Trinity bar, run by second-in-command Abbas, is the Testaments’ base of operations, and they refer to this location as their “holy ground.” Not exactly the words I would use to describe a bar, but it fits the religious motive that this group has adopted.

The group has a bitter rivalry with the Saber Vipers, with the two gangs often finding any excuse to go. It is often our responsibility to put a stop to things before innocent bystanders are harmed**.

*Note from Lloyd: Between the cooperation of the Testaments with us and the help of the Bracer Guild, we had a much easier time regulating the rambunctious activities of both groups.

A group of delinquents located in the downtown district of Crossbell City, the Saber Vipers are very rough around the edges. Its members are almost always looking for a fight, largely because of their brash (and young) leader, Wald Wales. That being said, he may be the only one strong enough to keep a group like this online*.

*Note from Lloyd: Wald Wales has been in a depressed and sometimes restless state lately since Wazy Hemisphere left the Downtown District to join the SSS. However, I’m afraid he still poses a threat to the city…

The Saber Vipers occupied an abandoned warehouse named Ignis and used it as their headquarters. Loud music playing from the building at all hours of the day is pretty unmistakable…

The group has a bitter rivalry with the Testaments, with the two gangs often finding an excuse to go. It is often our responsibility to put a stop to things before innocent bystanders are harmed**.

*Note from Lloyd: With Wazy joining the SSS and the continued support of the Bracer Guild, we’ve had a much easier time keeping the peace between these two groups.

Revache is an influential mafia organization that has controlled the Crossbell City black market for many years. Its leader, Don Marconi, was a friend of President Hartmann*, an important figure in the Crossbell government. This is how Marconi and his right-hand man, Garcia Rossi, can indulge in all their criminal acts so freely.

*Note from Lloyd: Former speaker, at the time of writing this update.

The Crossbell Police Department is well aware of the connection between Hartmann and Marconi, but the number of corrupt politicians and officials responding to them has certainly made things difficult for the CPD. If Revache were to start a war with Heiyue for control of Crossbell’s criminal underground, it would pose a grave threat that even the SSS might not be able to handle**.

*Note from Lloyd: Due to recent events, Revache has finally disbanded, and the majority of its members have been arrested. This organization has plagued the town of Crossbell for 70 years using various underhanded methods such as arms trafficking, mira laundering and even drug smuggling.

Hailing from Calvard, Heiyue is a crime syndicate trying to take control of the Crossbell Black Market away from Revache. On paper, it’s just a trading company by the name of Heiyue Trading, Ltd., but it’s just a front for the group’s criminal activities. Our… sources suspect that cunning and tenacious branch manager Cao Lee is the one who came up with this idea. The legendary assassin known only as Yin is also allied with Heiyue, further adding to the questions and threats posed by this organization*.

*Note from Lloyd: Despite our previous efforts, the fall of Revache seems to have created an opportunity for Heiyue to grow and fill the power vacuum in the city. From the information we have gathered so far, it seems that Cao is trying to strengthen his position…


A vast and powerful corps of jaeger, perhaps one of the most powerful in all of Western Zemuria, according to Inspector Dudley. We have not been able to verify their origins, and their true intentions are also a mystery. I can’t help but wonder why they are at Crossbell and what they aim to gain. Randy didn’t seem as surprised by their presence as the rest of us, though… I’ll have to continue on that.

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