The musician remains an open book, often writing from a place of introspection

Taos-based singer-songwriter Michael Henry Collins performs three nights a week between Taos and Angel Fire. His latest album is called “Beloved”. (Courtesy of Michael Henry Collins)

Music has been front and center for Michael Henry Collins for most of his life.

Growing up, his parents put him in piano lessons.

This lasted until he was 13 when he first picked up the guitar.

This moment would help chart his path in music.

Flash forward to today, Collins lives in Taos and creates music.

He recently released the album “Beloved”, which contains the singles “Rose and Gold” and “More Years With You Than Not”.

Collins says living in Taos has allowed him a creative freedom he’s never felt before.

“People have been kind and accepting,” Collins says. “With my music, I just try to find something to hold on to in the drift of time. It seems to be love.

Collins moved to Taos from Los Angeles a few years ago. He is originally from the East Coast.

Songwriter Michael Henry Collins continues to be inspired by life in Taos. (Courtesy of Michael Henry Collins)

Although he has been visiting Taos since before 2010.

“I was in bands all the time,” he says. “I always knew I had to play music on my own.”

The first time he played solo was at the Historic Taos Inn, which he says “became legendary” for him.

“It allowed me to find my own creativity,” he says.

He also performed at Sabroso.

“I’ve been performing there for about four years now and it’s the beauty that surrounds it,” he says. “The space has that old romance and charm that gives eloquence to life.”

Collins plays every Friday night from 6-9 p.m. at the Historic Taos Inn. On Sundays, he is in Sabroso from 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m.

On Saturdays, he goes to Elements in Angel Fire, where he performs from 6 to 8 p.m.

“I like keeping busy,” he says. “With these regular performances, I get to meet so many people from all over the state. I meet people from Albuquerque all the time.

Living in Taos, Collins says he is often inspired by the area as it helps him process the world.

“During the pandemic, I bought this Steinway that I’m fixing,” he says. “I am a wool gatherer and I dream a lot. I try to find the inspiration not to be completely angry with what is happening in the world. My inspiration seems to be simple because it is love. Love for everything around us. Love each other.

When it comes to his writing process, Collins likes to stay an open book as he often writes from an introspective place.

“I would never take a song down because it’s too personal,” he says. “There’s a reason I wrote it and that’s to send a message of love in some way.”

As Collins continues to make music at Taos, here are a few things you didn’t know about him:

1 “If the music stops, my backup plan is to help an organization save animals. I spend a lot of time with my two dogs.

2 “As long as I am not wanted by Interpol, I should become a dual American/British citizen. My mother is British and my application is pending.

3 “I am a member of the Screen Actor’s Guild of America.”

4 “It’s hard to find shirts/jackets that fit my long, clumsy arms (see live action shot).”

5 “I recently cut my hair very short so these photos don’t look like me anymore!”

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