The New York Times tests AI on recipe writing


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The New York Times Tests the AI ​​on recipe writing

Priya Krishna and Cade Metz writes the following in “Can AI write recipes better than humans? We put it to the ultimate test.” for The New York Times:

[People] can’t read all the mashed potato recipes on the internet before coming up with their own version. They cannot analyze thousands of techniques in search of the best way to make pie dough.

Machines can. Computer systems driven by artificial intelligence can compose tweets and blog posts, create art, and even generate computer code. And now they are starting to write recipes.

These recipes have all the components of their handmade ancestors: ingredient lists, precise measurements, step-by-step instructions, and introductory notes with personal (crafted) touches. Their advantage, in theory, is that they draw on a vast wealth of food and cooking information online.

But are they any good? And can they improve the culinary experience lived for millennia?

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