The One Swipe Notes app is great for jotting things down quickly


There are many note taking apps out there. Some cater for longer notes, others for shorter notes, and some try to be as practical as possible. The app we’re here to talk about falls into the latter category. The application in question is called “One Swipe Notes” and makes note taking extremely fast.

One Swipe Notes app lets you take notes quickly

The idea behind this app is that taking notes is done in one gesture. Once this app is set up, you will be able to swipe from the lower right of the screen to the center and call up your note taking sheet.

You can immediately start taking notes. You can do this anytime, no matter if you’re browsing the web, watching YouTube, editing a picture… whatever. This app will always be at hand.

It really works very well, the gesture. All you have to do once you’ve called it up is type in whatever you want and confirm, that’s it. You can always turn off this swipe gesture and use it as a normal note-taking app, if you want.

Later, you can open the app and add additional descriptions for your notes, set up reminders, etc. Note that there are two versions of the app. There is a free version and a paid version.

The paid version is worth it for added features and no ads

The paid version of the application allows you, for example, to change the color of the scan indicator. You will also need the paid version to change the gesture settings, well some of them like the position of the indicator.

The app only costs $ 0.99, so if you like it based on the free version, it’s definitely worth it. Not only will you get additional features, but also get rid of the ads at the same time.

It’s also worth saying that this app comes from Yogesh Dama, a developer behind some apps that you might have heard of. He delivered the Redeemer app, the SPlit Apps app, Knobby, and many other apps, in fact.

If you are interested in this app, you can download it via the link below (both versions are linked). We’ve included some official screenshots in the gallery as well, if you’d like to check them out first.

Free version of One Swipe Notes (Play Store)

Paid version One Swipe Notes (Play Store)

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