The US and Europe Just Seized This Popular Hacking Website


RaidForums was born in 2015 and was first prowled by primitive hackers who typically swapped databases with usernames and passwords obtained from low-level security holes around the world. Security researcher Brian Krebs notes that the website is a place for organizing “electronic harassment” through activities such as targeted raids and crashes. Krebs also writes that with growing demand, RaidForums has become the “go-to place for English-speaking hackers to peddle their wares”. Vice reports that with its deep roots, the website has also been used by major hacking groups, including LAPSUS$, which has stolen data from leading platforms such as EA, Microsoft, NVIDIA, Samsung and Vodafone.

Coelho, known by his admin persona, “Omnipotent,” reportedly primarily profited from selling various forum membership ranks, including “MVP” and “God,” in exchange for cryptocurrencies. It also reportedly offered a paid service to liaise between parties selling and buying hacked data.

The Department of Justice, in its announcement, said RaidForums has more than ten billion records of people living inside and outside the United States. Meanwhile, in a separate statement, Europol said the website had more than half a million users.

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