There seems to be a problem with the Notes app on iPadOS 15.

I was able to reproduce this issue with multiple Apple Pencil and iPad Pro units in the Apple Store, even when the Wi-Fi was turned off (causing one of them to think it was stolen and do sounding a loud alarm I guess was a first for the employees there who were more than understanding thankfully) and when pencils were swapped between my 2020 12.9″ with the A12Z and 2021 12.9 ” with the M1.

Basically if I fill the notes app with lots of scribbling and writing with the apple pencil the strokes will start lag and lag quite horribly and sometimes the pencil will clip for a while and result in unregistered strokes or Erase Tool changing size inappropriately from the wrong angle, usually when trying to transfer data to iCloud, but it also happens offline. This didn’t happen until iPadOS 15.

I informed the Apple Store Manager of the issue and he would forward it to Apple in Cupertino, but I wanted to post here to see if anyone else had the same issue.

It’s worth noting that I even had my 12.9″ iPad Pro and Apple Pencil swapped out under warranty and the problem is still there.

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