This beautiful notes app uses hashtags to organize your notes


Note-taking apps cost a dozen dollars these days, but sometimes I stumble upon a new one that does something smarter than the rest.

Letterspace, an app for iOS and Mac, is a beautifully designed free app that organizes your notes in an interesting new way we’ve only seen on social media so far: hashtags.

With Letterspace, you can hashtag keywords inside your notes to help you find them more easily later, which is a neat way to bring up the important part of a note, rather than forcing you to label them separately.

You can also @mention people in your notes, so they can be searched by name in the future. If I needed my partner to do something, I can mark her privately in my notes and then quickly have the notes marked with her appear later.

I like these ways of making notes appear much better than the way I organized them using tools like Evernote (spoiler: not at all). The hashtags in the notes look silly at first glance, but actually make a lot of sense to easily bring up what’s important.

You can use Markdown to format your notes so that no formatting tools get in your way.

The app makes it easy to quickly find notes once you have a lot of them, with a Spotlight-style search feature.

The iOS app has a unique feature that allows you to quickly move the text cursor in your notes. Dragging the blue bar left or right quickly sweeps the cursor in the direction you’re moving, rather than forcing you to long-press the exact spot you want to go.

Letterspace also uses iCloud sync to keep your notes always up to date across all of your devices.

The best part about Letterspace is that it’s not only free for Mac, but also for iOS, with small in-app purchases for those who might want to change the color theme.

Letterspace [iOS / Mac] via product hunting

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