This new romantic comedy about writing a Christmas # 1 is absolutely going to make you cry (in a good way!)


It features the stars of Game Of Thrones, Slumdog Millionaire and songs written by Guy Chambers!

Remember that section of Love, Actually that was all about an aging rock star (Bill Nighy) doing whatever he could to get a number one Christmas?

This was arguably the best part of the whole movie – possibly related to Emma Thompson’s astounding reaction to a Joni Mitchell CD – so the people behind the new movie Christmas number one clearly took notes!

Telling the story of a boy band manager, Meghna (Freida Pinto – Slumdog Millionaire, Rise of the Planet of the Apes), who has been tasked with finding infallible party success, she crosses paths with a songwriter. gifted, Blake (Iwan Rheon – best known as Ramsey Bolton from Game of Thrones).

He just so happens to be the frontman of a heavy rock band, but he also composed an extremely moving Christmas song for his very ill niece. When Meghna hears the song, she tries to convince Blake to sell it to her for the boy band, but instead he makes a proposal: he will record it with his rock band and release it too, creating a Christmas battle of the groups!

Plus, the actual songs in this movie are original compositions by Guy Chambers, the guy behind some of the greatest hits performed by Robbie Williams, Kylie Minogue, Katie Melua, Katy B and many more.

As the film’s release neared, JOE had the chance to sit down with Iwan Rheon and Freida Pinto to discuss their roles in A Christmas Number One, but also the concept of Christmas movies in general!

First, the most difficult question …

Is Die Hard a Christmas movie?

Simultaneously, Iwan replied “Yes” and Freida replied “No”, before giving their full reasons:

Iwan: “It’s snow in it! I think it’s a Christmas movie, but you don’t have to watch it on Christmas.”

Freida: “It’s just not a Christmas movie! I don’t associate anything exploding with a Christmas movie, so no! Not a Christmas movie for me!”

What’s your favorite Christmas movie of all time (not counting A Christmas Number One)?

Freida: “The holidays. “

Iwan: “Home alone.”

What was it like working with Guy Chambers on the songs for this movie?

Iwan: “It was really exciting to work with Guy, what a dream. To go to the studio and work with him. It was absolutely great, and for a movie like this to be successful, the music has to be really good. “

How strange was it to make a Christmas movie in the middle of a summer heatwave?

Freida: “Of course, wearing coats and jackets and scarves while it’s bowsprit in London, it was a little hard for me, for everyone! It was really funny, we were all in these down jackets and those warm coats, but then you ‘I was looking around and the crew were all in shorts and had popsicles and I was just like’ What’s going on? ‘ The fact that it is July was the one thing that wasn’t Christmas, because all the music, the settings and the joy that everyone just brought in kept us in that headspace. “

And how difficult was it to balance the romance, comedy, and sadness of this particular story?

Iwan: “Yes, I think they will definitely cry. beats, but I think we were also very conscious of not just going completely that route. I think Chris [Cottom, director] is very good at finding a little extra comedy in those situations that I might not have noticed.

A Christmas Number One will be available on Sky Cinema and NOW from Friday December 10th.

Check out the trailer right here:

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