This notes app for Mac, iPad and iPhone is like your own personal assistant


Even the most meticulous planners sometimes struggle to stick to an agenda. But planning and note-taking shouldn’t be up to you alone. There are some awesome software out there that can make it easier on Mac, iPad, and iPhone.

The Agenda Premium 14 date-focused note-taking app automates what it can for note-taking and planning, and makes the rest of the process easier with some fantastic tools. For a limited time, Agenda Premium 14 is on sale for $9.99 (usually $34).

Take notes the smart way

Rated 4.7/5 stars on the App Store with over 3,000 ratings, Agenda Premium helps you plan your projects and your life in advance. And it works on macOS, iPadOS and iOS.

Agenda Premium lets you create a timeline of notes for each project you’re working on, letting you see the progress you need to track. It also literally lets you visualize by giving you tools to embed images and videos.

You can link your notes to events in your calendar or reminder apps. And you can even sync notes between iCloud or Dropbox. Plus, you can add attachments, tables, tags, links, lists, and other organizing or expanding tools to your notes with just a few clicks. It’s not just about making a list – you’re also organizing referrals and resources for yourself in the future.

For students and professionals

Agenda Premium 14 is ideal for students and professionals.

For students, it lets you break down your schedule and create a semester plan for each class so you’re never surprised by a class. You can link relevant notes to different projects so your references are there. One App Store reviewer even used Calendar to “tag notes, both with terms and with people (great for identifying which teacher is in a note), plus being able to associate a note with a particular event. in your calendar”.

For professionals and business owners, Agenda Premium lets you clearly organize when different milestones need to be met (or certain bills need to be paid). Combine Agenda Premium with other productivity software and you can turn a seemingly insurmountable to-do list into a concrete plan.

Save on Agenda Premium 14

Put productivity on the agenda. Get Agenda Premium 14: Date-Driven Note Taking on sale for $9.99 (regularly $34).

Prices subject to change.

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