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The canton of Berlin recently updated its website, part of a flurry of spring activities.

“The new website of the canton of Berlin is online! it was announced on March 18 on Facebook. “The improved site is designed to make township information easily accessible to residents!”

Among the features, the site is more user-friendly for those who use devices such as mobile phones and tablets. It is accessible and ADA compliant. The text can be translated into over 80 different languages ​​and there are options for sharing on social media platforms. “Make sure to check out our icon in the lower left corner where everyone can adjust font size, contrast, display dyslexic-friendly font, and more! … Be sure to check back often for news and updates. important updates from the township!, says the commune.

On the new website,, visitors can click on a link for the spring newsletter, published earlier this month. In the newsletter, trustee Meghan Raehll was credited with completing the redesign.

The website also notes vacancies within the township. Current positions include a part-time zoning inspector, an alternate Zoning Commission, and volunteers for the architectural review board and audit committee.

On April 16, the township held an Easter egg hunt for children ages 1-10 at Fire Station 390, 2708 Lackey Old State Road. Last fall, at the fire station, an open day was held. Administration Chairman Ken O’Brien wrote in the newsletter, “I was honored to present Larry Buell, our cemetery sextant, with a plaque commemorating his 60 years of service to the township…We hope it will continue for many years to come.

Craig Hall, who recently retired as fire chief but remains as a lieutenant, was also honored at the open house, O’Brien wrote. Adam J. Miller is the new fire chief.

O’Brien concluded his “Letter from the President” section of the State of the Township Bulletin by writing, “The Township of Berlin is in excellent condition. The municipality has grown and is able to innovate without going into debt. The township has prided itself in the past on having the funding in place before committing to new services. The growth of the township has its drawbacks, but it makes it possible to meet the needs of the inhabitants without asking for new taxes. I believe that if residents want new services and find the funding for those services, as a servant of constituents, I should consider those services. This is not to say that I support them, but that I and the board should seriously consider these services and the sources of funding needed to implement them.

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