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Fantasy Football Scout community writer Greyhead analyzes the Fantasy Premier League (FPL) transfers and strategies of some renowned Fantasy managers, from serial top 10k finishers to well-known faces.

The Great and The Good this season are the BlackBox pair of Marc Sutherns and Azboy scouts Joe Lepper, Tom Freeman, Neale Rigg, Geoff DanceProfessional experts Pras, Zophar and FPL HarryFPL “celebrities” Magnus Carlsen, FPL General, LTFPL Andy, Ben Crelinof the Hall of Fame, Fabio Borges, FPL Matthew, Finn Sollie and Tom Stephenson and of course last year’s mini-league winner and not overall. 2 Suvansh.

“I will survive! Oh, as long as I know how to love, I will know that I will stay alive!

Gameweek 12 is not going well now, you are no longer welcome. Even Gloria Gaynor would have struggled to survive this midweek FPL disaster, with many managers struggling to find ten, let alone eleven, starters.

One thing seemed certain, Mohammad Salah (£12.8million) was back and there was a rush for him, although he left us with a sad look on our faces. A Leandro Trossard (£6.9million) conga line was gaining momentum and there was a Trent hub, with Liverpool Alexandre-Arnold (£7.2m) being bought out as quickly as it was sold.

Maybe we should have changed that stupid lock. And as for Danny Ward (£4.1m) he grew strong and learned to get along.


A solid defense was key to success during Blank Gameweek us, with Ben Crellin and that just-mid FPL manager Fabio Borges keeping their heads high with 63 points.

Ben went pure Geordie for the week with a triple back line from Newcastle United, while Fabio had lewis dunk (£4.7million) and the unlikely hero Ward to thank for his Green Arrow.

The biggest amount was Geoff Dance, with an increase of more than 500,000 rankings. He was one of the first to jump on Darwin Nunez (£8.8m) but I suspect he won’t be his last.

Finn Sollie remains in the lead and is the only one to have a place in the elite 10km, while FPL Harry retired. Looking down the nether regions, can Mark catch his partner BlackBox Az, or will he collapse, lie down, and die?

Suvansh remains firm in his dislike of Salah, clearly spending many nights thinking about how much the Egyptian has hurt him. He hasn’t owned it all season yet so he’s been captain Harry Kane (£11.5m), although Magnus Carlsen’s decision to put on the armbar Son Heung Min (£11.8m) was perhaps the most shocking of them all.


  • Az- Salah, Castagne (Maddison, James)
  • LTFPL Andy – Alexandre-Arnold, Trossard (Williams, Maddison)
  • Ben Crellin – Zaha, Alexandre-Arnold (Saka, Perisic)
  • Fabio Borges – Trippier, Trossard (Williams, Maddison)
  • Finn Sollie – Mitrovic, Salah, Gehi (Kane, Maddison, James)
  • FPL Harry– Trossard, Castagne, Salah (Maddison, James, De Bruyne)
  • Joe Lepper – Andersen, Trossard, Salah (James, De Bruyne, Maddison)
  • Geoff Dance – Darwin, Salah (Martial, De Bruyne)
  • FPL General – Salah, Trossard (Maddison, De Bruyne)
  • Magnus Carlsen– van Dijk (Toti)
  • Marc Sutherns- Alexandre-Arnold, Salah (James, De Bruyne)
  • FPL Matthew – Doherty, Trossard, Salah (Emerson, De Bruyne, Maddison)
  • Neale Rigg– Darwin, Trossard, Salah (Jesus, De Bruyne, Maddison)
  • Pras- Alexandre-Arnold, Trossard (James, Maddison)
  • Suvanch- Trossard (Madison)
  • Tom Freeman– Solanke, Salah (Kane, Maddison)
  • Tom Stephenson– Gehi, Solanke, Salah (Emerson, Kane, Maddison)
  • Zophar – Trossard, Salah (Maddison, De Bruyne)

Lots of midweek hits, including ten taking minus four to out a team. Four welcomed Trent after a short sabbatical – that magic sponge at Anfield really must be something – and the others went to either Trossard or Salah, as we felt we couldn’t live without them by our side.

I guessed during the last roundup that Neale Rigg would be forced into his Wildcard, threatening to eat my hat if he didn’t. Well, he didn’t, instead taking a hit to field nine players. I’m busy nibbling on my wizard cap as I type. Surely he will finally push the button in Gameweek 13?


The template for “The Great and The Good” is as follows, with a number in parentheses indicating how many teams they appear on:

Pope (12), parish (10)

Trippier (18), Cancelo (14), Guehi (9), Williams (8), Doherty (7)

Andreas (18), Salah (16), Zaha (16), Martinelli (15), Trossard (11)

Haaland (18), Mitrovic (17), Solanke (7)

The model was scared and even petrified when we saw significant movement. Matt Doherty (£4.6m) replaces an injured Reece James (£6.0 million), James Madison (£8.2m) is punished for his disciplinary indiscretion by being sent off for Trossard and we also see Dominique Solanke (£5.7m).


A look at key stats gives courage to Az (get well soon!) who remains king of captains and is the only one over 200 points. Finn Sollie is cash-rich, while Az, Suvansh and Geoff have taken plenty of hits, but Magnus and Ben haven’t taken any yet.


Most of us will be glad the midweek dance is over and now the focus is on welcoming Man City and Arsenal players into our squads and off our benches.

Those with a Wildcard will no doubt be looking to maximize their earnings by focusing their investment on these sides, as well as this fellow Darwin, who I expect to see rise through the ranks of ownership.

For us non-Wildcarders, let’s hope we survive and learn to stay alive.

Anyway, that’s all for me for now and remember – don’t have nightmares.

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